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Aturned777/Cokufaqikk | T | Chasyxx | Dollchan | Sarpnt | Greggman

The sun has set at the beach and everyone has packed up and left, leaving only you there. Despite being in darkness, this is your one place – your favorite place – your place you go to find peace and tranquility...

This is a combination of predetermined random notes, reverb, and noise effects to create possibly one of the most relaxing bytebeat songs I know of. The ocean-like sounds are created using mixed volume control through two sin() functions. The melody (seamlessly) loops after 128 seconds.

You can generate your own set of notes with this Python script:
import random,string
print(''.join([random.choice(string.ascii_letters)for i in range(64)]))

Then you can copy and paste it between the string quotes.

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