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(16.44KB, 128x64)
Nice song are largest code! My friend :D
Rule 86 if it exists, you can play Bad apple on it
(64.95KB, 404x316)
Super! By the way, another Bad Apple cover was already written a few days before you, hehe :)

In general, any song written in any tracker can be converted to bytebeat if to make a converter. So for example did Jimmyoshi and raphaelgoulart from, their works are in the Big JS code section in the library. In fact, the songs library can be replenished indefinitely, simply by porting tracker songs.

But your work is cool! You popularize your XO-Tracker, let more people know about it, you can post other ports here with some special features, like you applied a filter here so that the music doesn't play in full amplitude squares, so it sounds softer.

But this also sounds cool in a regular rectangular bytebeat version like in!

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