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2317 !
(376.47KB, 1920x613)
Would someone be so kind and help ?
For normal links it's easy, CSS code :

a:visited {
color: #FFD700 !important;

But in the Catalog there are no links to color this way... only the threads opening image contains the hyperlink.

So how could i alter the pictures in the Catalog somehow after i visited them?
(Like placing a frame next to it, or anything)

If i'm mot mistaken, CSS codes can't touch these images, so some Javascript(+GreaseMonkey) would be needed.

- I also tried dollchan + 4chan-X scripts, but it doesn't seem they have this option. Am i missing something? This seems like a really basic / mandatory option for browsing chans efficiently.
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(748.38KB, 1920x983)
You haven't mentioned wich imageboard you're talking about.
I think it's 4chan.

Higlighting visited threads in catalog there ― it's completely possible to achieve with just CSS.

The page at StackOverflow explains
> You can only use :visited to change those properties if the link already has them in the “unvisited” or :link state. You can’t use it to add properties that aren’t already present on the link.

So your userstyle piece would be

#threads > .thread > a > img {
border: 3px solid;
border-color: #1d1f21;

#threads > .thread > a:visited > img {
border-color: red;

If you use different style, change the border-color to the style's border-color (so the border would not highlight ordinary iterms).
2331 !
Fix for last line:
*If you use different theme, change the first border-color to the style's background color (so the border would not highlight ordinary iterms)

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