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Here you can post the results of your experiments, or something interesting you found on the Internet and would like to share it (with link to the source).
Interesting and cool-sounding code I will add to my library!

Use markup button "C" or insert [code][/code] tags to wrap your code, so that it will not be formatted. Like this:

Or use links generated by player:

Better to shorten your links like this way:
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So, I need to fill in the content a little.
I'm alone here for the time being, like God in his newly created world...
I like to play with short formulas, especially with the family of formulas given in the op post.
Here's another formula, let's call it "Awesome level #2":
Oh shi~, need to prevent XSS attacks!
(22.95KB, 1046x519)
(10.29KB, 1045x519)
(162.86KB, 1008x498)
(14.23KB, 1044x507)
Ave! No more XSS vulnerability, I made a patch.
Thanx for warning ;)
(106.83KB, 1000x700)
Let's continue to play with the "Game levels" family. Some modifications of the "Awesome level":
Cool cartoon sounds!

Also here new songs I posted on reddit. "The time is running out!":
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Hello to the music and programming fans!
This is a thread dedicated to the bytebeat player.

Here I will keep a log of changes, as well as show new formulas and code (my own, or someone else's), which I will add to the player's library list.
(179.77KB, 720x720)
So, the latest changes:

- Added a volume control.
- Now you can click directly on the graph to start or to stop the music playback.
- Library optimization. Now tracks with a large size are hidden under links ► Click to load pretty code, by clicking on which the code is loaded via ajax from files stored on the server.
- Added the [Big code] section with the tracks size of more than 1KB.
- In the [High rate 1k] section, the tracks are now contained in two forms - minimized (in the form of text), and in a readable format (under the link ► Click to load pretty code).
- Added many new tracks and formulas, many of which I have converted into a nice readable look.
- Fixed editor, Tab button now works.
- Like in player from Greggman, you can write abs, sin instead of Math.abs, Math.sin, etc. And you can write int instead of Math.floor.
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(24.24KB, 600x384)
So, this is an approximate list of songs added during last month. Most of them are taken from, the digital arts site where I found a lot of great stuff.

Creativity of Raphael Goulart. This is my favorite bytebeat author, his works are incredible!
All his songs are written according to the tracker principle. I studied the code of these three songs for a long time, and optimized them worked on performance, rewrote the repetitive code into common instruments functions such as a saw, triangle, square, and also got rid of some bugs related to global variables that conflicted when changing from one song to another. Songs almost stopped hanging on ordinary hardware.
- bossabeat (source) - A dreamy Brazilian bossa-nova that brings you a nostalgia to you like you've just watched a beautiful anime.... ♥
- bytefunk (source) - Funky stylish gangsta song.
- shy smile (source) - This song carries the cute anime nostalgia mood like bossabeat above. But here are involved more sophisticated technologies, such as complicated frequency modulation. The size is huge, so this is the link ot the code file.
- the cute bytebeast ^o^ (source) - One of the first works of Raphael, sounds like it could be a theme for a character on an NES game almost.
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(40.22KB, 978x740)
(63.85KB, 1031x261)
Found on reddit and added to my library today:

Raphael Goulart, my fav author from posted on reddit
Fortnite Default Dance in Bytebeat (source)

by InfinitySnapz
Sunset (source) - dramatically sounding arpegiators that change their frequency
rain (source) - rain noise and drops sounds. Interesting effects!
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(83.16KB, 1035x871)
Latest changes for 2021.10.16:
- New advanced style with indigo color scheme. The interactive elements are prettier now.
- The site now displays correctly on mobile devices.
- The structure of playlists has been rebuilt. Added separators between songs, changed "load pretty code" buttons.
- The project was forked by SArpnt, one of the bytebeat enthusiasts from Reddit, and now he is developing his own fork. I took a lot of optimization changes from there: now drawing is faster and in a synchronous scale without shifts, reduced the number of lags and freezes. Added selector for Floatbeat mode and Signed Bytebeat mode. The tunes like "Longline Theory" were actually written for the Signed Bytebeat and sound much better now. I already have found new Floatbeat songs, will add to the library soon!
- Added Stop and Clear button for more convenience.
- Added a button to enlarge the code editing area. Now it can be expanded to almost the entire screen height.
- Added primitive protection to prevent the creation of links containing unwanted or unsafe js code such as alerts or manipulations with page content.
(19.34KB, 960x800)
Fire (max zoom).gif
(124.55KB, 520x243)
LSD (max zoom).gif
(184.00KB, 520x252)
Found on reddit and added to my library today, 2021.10.17:

by RealZynx92
probably the best song i ever made (source) - The track has a wistful introduction. Very stylish music, suitable for some cyberpunk game!
another cool loop i guess (source) - A very cool brooding song with an arpeggiator. I love arpeggiators! And this is already a rather complex composition, in contrast to mass spam in r/bytebeat ;)
dubstep_thingy (source) - Sounds very similar to Crude Sinevawe Dubstep by Gabriel Miceli
cool dubstep song (source) - I am surprized. After an interesting intro, a real cool mess begins! Despite the short expression, there is a very long period music that really looks like a dubstep!
non-javascript 8khz song, turned out pretty good (source) - Sounds like Modem melody (by Krcko)
remix of stephanshi's trance beat (source) - hehe, nice :)
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(38.96KB, 1032x741)
(23.44KB, 1200x960)
- Swithced to AudioWorklet. Worklets aren't allowed to handle DOM, so now some security issues are solved. Now the code entered by user does not have access to the document.
- Accelerated rendering performance.
- Buttons now use SVG. More beautiful buttons and page styling.
- The library has been sorted. Added descriptions and links to some songs, fixed nicknames.

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