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(7.23KB, 192x170)
(25.68KB, 313x356)
Here you can post the results of your experiments, or something interesting you found on the Internet and would like to share it (with link to the source).
Interesting and cool-sounding code I will add to my library!

Use markup button "C" or insert [code][/code] tags to wrap your code, so that it will not be formatted. Like this:

Or use links generated by player:

Better to shorten your links like this way:
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Is anyone going to help me?
(38.87KB, 1231x142)
These are not mine, I am just putting them from Discord.

t*t>>(t&8192?t&4096?t&2048?8:9:10:6) sine wave dubstep (needs to be in 32000hz)
t&t>>(t&8192?t&4096?t&2048?8:9:10:6) triangle wave dubstep (needs to be in 32000hz)
(t&t%255)-t curved xor fractal
(t&t%255)-(t|t>>7) shading xor fractal
(t&t%255)-(t&t>>13) another thing i made
t*pow(1.2,("ux".charCodeAt((t*t)&3))) sharpen harmony
arr=[1,7,4,4,6,5,5,random()%65,6,6,5,4,5,1,5,4,5,7,1,random()%65,4,3,5,5,3,2][(t>>10)%25]*t, arr>>t/100 //array testing, needs to be in 32000hz
arr=[1,7,4,4,6,5,5,random()%65,6,6,5,4,5,1,5,4,5,7,1,random()%65,4,3,5,5,3,2][(t>>11)%25]*t, arr&t>>3 //array + triangle
(t*random()%100)|t>>3 //simple snare, although it isnt that good though
t*pow(1.2123, ("N╞604):arrow_up_down:е4#98:relaxed:465:diamonds:68:clubs:УГ∟ ↑3H5".charCodeAt((t*t)&t>>100))) //javascript code that makes (kind of) bass
max(1.2123, ("N╞604):arrow_up_down:е4#98:relaxed:465:diamonds:68:clubs:УГ∟ ↑3H5".charCodeAt((t*t)&t>>14)))*t/100 //sharpen javascript music
sin(t/((t&4095)+1000)+128)*t/100 //sine bass
sin(t/((t&4095)+1000)+128)*32 //sine bass v2
sin(t/((t&4095)+100)+128)*64 //more powerful sine bass
tan(t/((t&405)+1000)+128)*64 //8-bit
sin(t/((t&t>>9)+1000)+128)*12 //8-bit modem sine melody
((t&t>>9)^(t>>16&t>>8))*t //idk how should i name this
t%(t%(t>>8)) //this was totally unexpected
t%(t%(t>>8))|t>>2 //simple snare but idk v2
t*t/exp(1) //weird sine form
t>>t%(t%2?t&32768?41:t&16384?70:60:39)&t>>4 //remix of Electrohouse
t&t*(t>>10|t) //music (needs to be in 11025hz)
a=[80,80,80,80,50,50,60,60][(t>>13)%8], t*0.99%80+t%a //harmony
a=[80,80,80,80,50,50,60,60][(t>>13)%8], b=(3e3/(t&8190)&1)*50, (t*0.99%80+t%a)+b //harmony with kick
Hello! I'm back from my hiatus for a bit to show some more songs!

Quality value: 1

Name: 0.req; Date: 12 September 2022; Sample Rate: 48k; Self-defining?: Complex; Type: Bytebeat

Description: A bit odd sounding, but whatever...
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(20.34KB, 500x500)
(11.10KB, 240x240)
pretty please?

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(79.68KB, 1130x869)
Hello to the music and programming fans!
This is a thread dedicated to the bytebeat player.

Here I will keep a log of changes, as well as show new formulas and code (my own, or someone else's), which I will add to the player's library list.
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(2.61MB, 1200x675)
New songs posted on and added to library:

by lhphr
from >>50:
- oddsine - Interesting simple sine loop.
- genreframe - Very strange sound effect and some kind of melody.
- HAZEHOUSE - An odd way to change the tempo multiplying by fraction t*=11/12.
- Unnecessary-ARPEG.hc - Hardcore tempo! Also sounds interesting at 22kHz.
- CBRT-FILE R00TZ - Crazy schizo song, reminds me the creativity of Cyriak.
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(300.97KB, 1033x871)
(154.36KB, 1032x502)
(83.91KB, 1032x502)
(90.09KB, 1031x498)
As you may have noticed, new buttons and features have been added recently. So:

- The "Sample rate" selector is now editable.
- Added "Fast play" and "Fast reverse" buttons. Each click doubles the speed, up to 8.
- Added the "Copy link" button.
- Better "Recording" button.
- Added the "Reverse play" button.
- The page now has semantic elements to navigate with keyboard (Tab / Shift+Tab).
- Lazy onclick loading for song libraries.
- Script globals and prototypes now cant be changed from the editor.
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Recently added songs:

- "The Flower Festival" by Jimmyoshi. This beautiful song is too big to post the link here. The song is horribly unoptimized and is capable of blowing any computer even at 8Hz sample rate. That's why I set up it at 4kHz. If I have time, I will try to optimize this song so that it can be played at 8Hz.

Songs by lhphr
from >>61:
- CRZstep - Reminds me the "Crude Sinewave Dubstep" by Gabriel Miceli.
- Retrixtaria - There is some special charm in small rates. Also, the song can be easily scaled up to 32k by adding t/=8, and the sound will be clear. But it won't be that lo-fi song anymore.
- Intra - A short but interesting formula that gives a melody.
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(6.34KB, 480x253)
by maj-6
- Something New (source) - I really like this tune. And it's cool that notes and chords are generate mathematically. This is a good challenge! And the melody is really nice, with a nostalgic vibe.
- "Something New" using functions (source) - A minimal example of "Something New" using functions
- advanced technology (source) - Wow, what a jaw-dropping banger track! Cool Arabic harmony! I especially liked the transitions to a higher key at 108 and 162 seconds, and so on. But after 2000-3000 seconds it starts to go out of line, and distortions appear. Also, recommend to listen with good headphones. Again, musical harmony is calculated and arrays aren't used. Here a link to the beginning of our discussion, who are interested.

by HypernovaHeathen
- Plaate (source) - Some code I found yet in a legendary pouet thread
- 8-Bit Ajaxzit (source) - Big complex track with powerful drums but weird harmony and chords. But I found beauty in this music.
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(434.47KB, 1674x868)
- Bytebeat composer now supports stereo!
All you need is an output array [] with two channels, left and right. For example:
Left channel has green waveform in the scope, and right has magenta.
Stereo songs now marked with "Stereo" tag in the library.

- Wide mode available for 1440px screens and wider. In this mode, the text editor is now expanded to the maximum height, and the song library is located on the right.
(43.54KB, 2000x1000)
Several weird hallucinations songs by HypernovaHeathen.
- Before J.C.D. (source) - Cool mystical chords. A heap of sounds merge into an interesting harmony.
- C. Allen Type Beat (source) - More mystical harmony, more hallucinations. Bytebit Interstellar, I like this!
- The Best Bytebeat Song I Made! (source) - An interesting drums pattern and complete disharmony.
- I've Come To Make An Announcement (source) - Microtonal intervals, disharmony and chaos.
- Bytebeat But It Actually Breaks The Laws Of Physics (source)
- GetDolphinedLOL's Bytebeat Creations But Their Badly Remixed (from >>89) - Hehe, nice remix of GetDolphinedLOL songs!

by Anonymous (from >>82)
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(164.61KB, 1662x868)
(14.06KB, 519x69)
- Play and fast-play buttons are combined.
- Fast play counter now can be increased up to 64.
- Fonts are bigger now.
- Control elements now stretch as the screen resizes.
- Fixed CSS margins and paddings.
- Dark scrollbars in Chrome.

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(40.34KB, 109x154)

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Fractal universe - Flying into the depth of Mandel
(505.38KB, 1280x720)

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Fractal universe - Flying into the depth of Mandel
(505.38KB, 1280x720)

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track (10).webm

from here

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Fractal universe - Mandelbrot hard zoom into spira
(1.89MB, 1280x720)

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track (9).webm
32killohertz and floatbeat
t/=4,(((((((t*[1,1,1.5,2][t>>10&3])*"2235"[t>>14&3])|t>>3)%128)+(3E5/(t&4095)&64)+random()*((-t>>[6,5,5,5,4,5,5,5][(t>>12)%8])%64+64))/1.5)+(((t>>1)*"2235"[t>>14&3])%128)/Math.pow(1.0005, t&4095))/128-1


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Fractal universe - Mandelbrot hard zoom into spira
(1.89MB, 1280x720)

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(1.93MB, 1078x1075)
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Screenshot 2022-08-29 144119.png
(6.34KB, 1024x257)
So I just figured out how to use another thing correctly: sin()! I realized you have to use it with signed bytebeat, so I've done that.

It took a while for me to find a good example of using sin() for kicks, but I managed to pull some code out of No Limit:


What I did next was change the sample rate to 44100hz, and I turned the 2e3 into an array, like this:


( dollchan / sarpnt )
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(163B, 1x1)

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(3.12KB, 894x894)

also my first 44.1kHz bytebeat

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