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(7.23KB, 192x170)
(25.68KB, 313x356)
Here you can post the results of your experiments, or something interesting you found on the Internet and would like to share it (with link to the source).
Interesting and cool-sounding code I will add to my library!

Use markup button "C" or insert [code][/code] tags to wrap your code, so that it will not be formatted. Like this:

Or use links generated by player:

Better to shorten your links like this way:
[Awesome tune](

This will turn to Awesome tune

Songs by SthephanShi: >>7
Songs by kOLbOSa_exe: >>27
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(89.88KB, 1024x1024)

At 32000 hz
(149B, 9x9)

At 192000 hz
// Highway to Hell Riff (by bulletbill)
A = (t%18.83+t%25+t%29.5),
D = (t%19+t%22+t%28),
G = (t%16.5+t%21.1+t%28),
A0 = (t%25+t%29.5+t%37.75),
E = (t%25+t%33+t%39),

verse = [0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,D,0,D,0,G,G,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,D,0,D,0,G,G,0,0,D,0,D,0,G,G,0,0,D,D,0,0,A0,0,A,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,A,0,A,0,A,A][((t>>10)+58)%64]*2+((t>>10)<64?0:((t+4096)%8192<6144?2e4/(t%2048):3e5/(t%2048))&128),

bridge = [E,0,E,0,E,0,E,0,E,0,E,0,E,0,E,0,E,0,E,0,E,0,E,0,E,0,E,0,E,0,E,0][((t>>10)%32)]2+(((t>>10)<376||((((t>>10)>400)&&((t>>10)<404)))?3e5/(t%2048)&128:(2e4+((t>>10)-374)2e3)/(t%2048))&128),

chorus = [A,A,A,A,A,A,A,A,A,A,A,A,A,A,D,D,D,D,D,D,D,D,D,D,G,G,G,G,D,D,D,D][((t>>10)+10)%32]*2+((t>>10)%32<12?((t+2048)%8192<4096?2e4/(t%2048):2e5/(t%2048))&128:(t%4096<2048?7e3/(t%2048):1e5/(t%2048))&128),

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track (3).webm
44100khz signed Bytebeat

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(32.55KB, 480x360)
name: cool waveform second sawtooth wave

name: siren

all bytebeat codes are from
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(14.44KB, 720x711)
OMG MRBEAST!!!!!!!!!!!
Need fix here

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(40.34KB, 109x154)
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(129.06KB, 717x1032)
hmm. that random name was Gone.

also, my threads: >>163

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(258.42KB, 1080x615)

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Snimka zaslona 2023-03-16 175451.jpg
(24.99KB, 480x451)
We need customizable themes for your bytebeat composer.
(39.63KB, 700x678)
I agreed

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(3.85KB, 763x608)
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(1.20MB, 360x360)

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Bytebeat guide.png
(314.33KB, 778x741)
I decided to make a guide because I didnt find a guide that i liked a lot, I put a lot of time and effort on this guide, so please take a look at it, also in the guide I left a part for things that are left to do or understand of bytebeat, I also recomend that if you consider yourself a bytebeat expert, you make a guide of your own, with all the advance learnings. (I'm not a native english speaker, so please forgive my grammar errors) the link
Hi Ravary and other "bytecoders",
there is a demoscene related Discord server (specializing on sizecoding), where we have a dedicated channel for generative music. The organizers of Lovebyte are also there. So if you like to join, this is the invitation link:
The Discord invite expired. Is invite still available? Interested in the community.
Oops, it expired. Here is a non expiring one:

And there is another Discord with a dedicated bytebeat channel here (down in the "Beauty of Math" section): >

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Hello! I've been doing bytebeat on and off in the recent times and I decided, why not, let's just share it with others for once! The way I will be formatting my bytebeat songs in this thread is as such:

Name: (Name); Date: (Date); Sample Rate: (Sample Rate)

Description: (Description)

The songs will be grouped up with a quality value ranging from 0 to 3. The quality value shows how good I personally think the song is, and the rest of the info is generally self-explanatory. One thing to mention though - if the date for the song is "-", then the date is between 28 April 2019 and 12 March 2022.
Either way, here's my list of bytebeat songs!

Quality value: 0

Name: (testing)1; Date: -; Sample Rate: 8k
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(57.20KB, 508x810)
For those who want to understand how this kick works:

Here is the explanation on reddit.

It consists of two kicks:


Then was a conversion from binary to decimal:

Post too long. Click to view.

Fewer songs than usual with this post, but that's fine.

> This and "zuonbdoss", "WICKED HEXATRNION", "The Unescaper", "0.req" you marked as Self-defining?: Complex. Can you explain, what means?
Simple self-defining codes contain variables which use simple addition or subtraction on itself. Something like this would be an example of a simple self-defining code.
Complex self-defining codes contain variables where they're defined in more complex ways (usually bitwise operators), or if there's a recursive function. These are generally more unpredictable than simple self-defining codes.
wvmv is actually supposed to be a simple self-defining code, I somewhat rushed with putting the type on that.
If this is still a bit too complicated, I can change it back to a simple Yes/No like I had in the past, but that's up to you.

Other than that, here are some more songs!

Post too long. Click to view.
(178.46KB, 750x1000)
Hello my friend!
Finally I got around to listening to your songs. As always, your code is one of the most technological and advanced among all the authors. I was always surprised by your code solutions.
> Fewer songs than usual with this post
For me, quality is always better than quantity.
> If this is still a bit too complicated, I can change it back to a simple Yes/No
I just needed clarification, thank you.
t% wub - For me it sounds very similar as your idk it's "t%" with 16kHz.
Doomcall - Wow, this sounds like a guitar track! Cool distortion. Btw, you can replace for(i=0;i<4;i++) with i=4;while(i--) and save two bytes more :)
Trackertime - Familiar theme, I also played a lot with "the coolest song" by Rio zack. And well optimized! But after 320-330 seconds the snare starts to distort in your song. Also I thought a little, and found how to get rid of 4 more bytes! Here is 251 bytes version
HARSHSLICE - This is madness, hehe.
Trackermystics - Cool song with instruments progressions! By analogy with the previous method, it was possible to reduce 5 bytes. Also at 124 seconds the song goes up in pitch, which is cool.
the throwback - Beautiful space echoes. This is definitely remixed "Namber tu use square wave" or "Song for sega CD \(≧▽≦)/" by Rio zack. Correct me if this is not the case.
extended Ievan Bytebeat Polkka - Hehe, fun continuation of the theme. I like that you didn't change the sound and just continued what May_I_Change_My_Name started, but with code optimization.

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unnamed (2).jpg
(8.89KB, 640x640)
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(48.89KB, 673x674)
Untitled 01-15-2022 12-22-49.gif
(12.31KB, 528x312)
unnamed (2).jpg
(8.89KB, 640x640)

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(79.68KB, 1130x869)
Hello to the music and programming fans!
This is a thread dedicated to the bytebeat player.

Here I will keep a log of changes, as well as show new formulas and code (my own, or someone else's), which I will add to the player's library list.
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(103.84KB, 900x515)
- I Wanna Byte You by kleeder - super cute song, 1st place at Summer Chip XII competition in bytebeat category. Converted from 0cc-Famitracker JSON export into bytebeat code through converter, just like raphaelgoulart's songs.
- tridecagon sequence by argarak - track in own recognizable IDM style from argarak
- THE MOTHERLODE by by Greaserpirate - Very beautiful ambient cyberpunk music! The author reproduced the Ganke NEO song. Thanks to the author for introducing me to such interesting music.
- Some bytebeat I made for the "Lovebyte Turbo" entry at Evoke demoparty by Dresdenboy (>>220) - An evil tune from an interesting demoparty event.
- Trash Remix of Cant Help Falling in Love by Decent-Manager-6169 (source) - Nice cover! Also, well minimized.
- Final Remix Of "The Time Is Running Out!" by ciferidn (source) - Nice TIRO remix, hehe! But the intro could have been made shorter so that super kick started earlier.

by PortablePorcelain
- some detective theme (>>109) - Oh, that detective theme was good!
- binary cycle (>>119) - Wow, this was really interesting and unexpected! At the maximum zoom the binary counter is displayed!
- octal cycle (>>119) - The octal counter sounds interesting, like a string strike with an echo.
- We are temporally deficient! (>>136) - Nice melody with triplet rhythm!
- simple step sequencer remix (>>155) - Oh, a better version, nice.
- foldableboldface (>>194) - A remix of by lhphr. Nice sine echo ambient!
Post too long. Click to view.
(17.64KB, 1200x900)
Last songs added to the library:

by lhphr
- ghost code (source) - Interesting, music plays but nothing is displayed!
- Reminisce (source) - This song is quite inspired by Something New from maj-6. Just as kind and nostalgic, nice!
- Sineslide) (>>367) - I love that the sound changes all the time, from beats to deep echoes and robotic sounds.
- ÐiskΩtroÑ (>>367) - Nice loop turned out!
- 42-qz (>>367) - Syncopated triple beat sounds cool!
- qai (source) - Somewhat reminiscent of "The Evaluator" by lhpr
- Strato (>>367) - What beautiful chords! Combined with the echo, it really sounds cosmic!
- i-dimensional (source) - Here, nan values play the role of a noise glitch tool. Interesting!
- Awaiting Connection (>>367) - I like this kick. An interesting way to filter hits to make a complex rhythm out of a direct kick.

by Greaserpirate
Post too long. Click to view.
(10.37KB, 410x122)
The player now displays code size (in characters) on the control panel.
(715.25KB, 3000x1500)
Last songs added to the library:

by lhphr
- far echoes (source) - I really liked the Strato, and this is its further development, a beautiful dreamy cosmic song. I like how squarewave starts at 156 seconds, just the magic iridescent sound! What I also like is that the song smoothly transitions to its very beginning with an echo at the end at 310 seconds. The code is not very big, but with a lot of math, with all these fades and cut-offs.

by May_I_Change_My_Name
- 0xBADA441E - Rule 36: If it exists, Bad Apple has been ported to it. Bad Apple in bytebeat! Also respect for stereo and echoes!
- Slowed "Sine Melody" down and added a chord progression (source) - Remix of "Sine Melody" by Decent-Manager-6169. Beautiful chords! Like the ringing of bells.
- Stuck a Sierpinski bassline on "Im Blue" (source) - Remix of "Im Blue" by Decent-Manager-6169.
- blast from the past (source) - The song somewhat recreates the Axel F song.
- BM9 harmony (source) - Remix of miiro's 1-line symphony with BM9 harmony
- Bytebeat Concerto No. 1 (source) - Beautiful classical symphony. Bravo maestro!
- Ievan Bytebeat Polkka (source) - Loituma's Ievan Polkka in bytebeat!
- Remix of "My new instrumental in a new year" (source) - Nice remix! The original is also awesome, this is a more happy sound.
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(71.03KB, 728x410)
Good day my friends!
Here songs added to the library in last two weeks:

by Kouzerumatsu
- XO-Tracker: Tsukite Moonhand The Bananafox Theme - Kouzerumatsu designed his XO-Tracker for a system which has only 1-bit audio. And he came up with a Tsukite The Bananafox character, a yellow fox with blue sky eyes, wearing glasses. This song is a bytebeat port from his original XO-Tracker song which represents Tsukite character.
- XO-TRACKER: 1-BIT BAD APPLE - Cool "Bad Apple" 1-bit cover written for XO-Tracker and ported to bytebeat!

by Decent-Manager-6169
- Drifting Time Misplaced 8 Bit Slowed (source) - Cover of Drifting Time Misplaced song. The Protagonist shivers and twitches in a cold corner of his house, weeping softly as he feels his brain slowly disintegrating.

by Rio zack
- 42 melody with decay (>>439) - One of the decay methods. But I always use (1-t%period/magnitude) decay in my formulas. The advantage of my method is that you can control not only the damping period, but also its final magnitude: t*(42&t>>10)%256*(1-t%2048/2048). Here is example.
Post too long. Click to view.

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(64.37KB, 444x420)
this... is just some sort of tracker being ported in bytebeat js; and yes, it's not time independent.

Bout the music though, its literally the music theme of the character of mine, Tsukite :3

Post too long. Click to view.
yea i must be here
(293.46KB, 1080x1080)
(244.39KB, 1486x820)
Hello and Welcome to the Temple of Bytebeat! You brought generous gifts, thank You my friend!
1-bit music sounds cool and interesting. Especially if to know it's a special challenge for real masters of chiptune kungfu to play a song using only one channel, hehe.
I found the original, so you wrote this song, wow! You are a very talented person. And what about Tsukite the Bananafox, did you come up with this character yourself?

By the way I'm also an electronics engineer and I like tinkering with microcontrollers, but I've never composed music for trackers and never dealt with video console chips like 2A03 or AY-3-8910. I mostly deal with AVR for industrial use.
And seems you also a creator of XO-TRACKER, and this song is the part of your arduino project ported from C to JS. Nice!
How did you originally write this song? In a Famitracker? And how you transferred it to the XO-tracker, combining all the channels into one?
(1.67MB, 800x600)
Oh, hi there, thank you for the welcome, I am very appreciating it ^w^

I honestly didn't expect the such welcome <w<

So, hm...
I'm glad you like this 1-bit thing, while I'm not expecting much about it XD
Yea, this is the 1-bit tracker designed for a system which has only 1-bit audio, but hugely portable due to its simplicity. Originally written for XO-Chip (which is Chip-8 derivative). CHIP-8 itself is pretty old system, while XO-Chip is only fantasy system... Though one can implement XO-Chip emulator into Esp32, Esp8266, or even Arduino Mega! Nobody had tried emulating this afaik, and I'm surrounded by lazyness xd

Uhm, I am, yeah, sorta electronic engineer but more into being hobbyist .w.
I make projects just for fun, and this is one of them... I do art, and music too.. and yeah, despite those talents, I'm still simply floating around ~.~

About the character though .. yeah, he is mine XD -- being yellow fox, with typical blue sky eye, wearing glasses. Dunno how to define him more, but I used him to represent myself on Internet at the most.

XO-Tracker... well this is sorta hard for me to unpack ???? but i still had no plan to actually standardize everything yet, the presets or the way how it works may change. I had dreamed to actually be able to implement it's sequencer with really easy interface, allowing non programmer musicians or chiptuners to have their hands on this system, producing yet another impressive 1-bit banger, I'm still seeing my 1-bit musics here sorta basic XD
Post too long. Click to view.
Unveiling extended content of the original bananafox theme :3

No.7  Reply
(31.44KB, 728x410)
So, I need to fill in the content a little.
I'm alone here for the time being, like God in his newly created world...
I like to play with short formulas, especially with the family of formulas given in the op post.
Here's another formula, let's call it "Awesome level #2":
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(48.71KB, 1000x794)
"The streets of the night metropolis are full of dangers! But the Moon lights your way, and you're not afraid of anything. Feel free to move forward through the narrow lanes!"

- Formatted version - 1501B size
- Minified version - 799B size

The song I created 2022-05-25 and posted at
It continues the technology used in "Antarctica" (>>67), but now it has added some cool drums using the noise instrument, and added the triangle generator.
(1.88MB, 1600x900)
"For thousands of years there was a world of glaciers, snowy expanses and ice caves. But the earth is changing. Giant ice walls are crumbling, falling in huge chunks. Here and there the first flowers bloom and the grass turns green. The first spring is coming to these lands..."

- Formatted version - 2527B size.
- Minified version - 1214B size.

This is the song I created 2022-05-02 and posted at for "Spring Tracks XI" competition.
It is a continuation of the "Antarctica" (>>67) theme development. Tried to get something like a NES sound. The same drums and triangular generator later was used in the "Dancing Moon". Successfully turned out a noise instrument, universal for different percussions. I even managed to implement a primitive echo from explosive falling pieces.
(13.84KB, 1280x720)
"You are standing in the rocky Martian desert and looking at a small pale Sun that rises from the horizon..."

- Formatted version - 1748B size.
- Minified version - 956B size.

Smooth rise/fade of volume and echo parameters is implemented. The possibilities of stereo are used, the echo responds alternately in each ear. It is strongly recommended to listen with headphones!

The Floatbeat mode is used due to artifacts appeared in the Bytebeat mode at low values. Bytebeat mode has a gradation of only 256 levels (8 bits, or 1 byte), and does not allow small fractional values ​​to be transferred normally. Floatbeat was conceived to get rid of these effects in order to transmit sound information with high quality.
The song continues the technologies using in "Dancing Moon" (>>72) and "End of Ice Age" (>>74).
Also posted on

Message edited: 18.07.22 Mon 01:25:22
(72.39KB, 1024x552)
"You are walking in the dark through a winter forest among huge frozen trees. It seems that someone is watching you from the darkness..."

Play in bytebeat player (262 bytes):


This song was written for Winter Chip XVIII competition on Initially my challenge was to write the code that would fit in 255 characters. The challenge has been completed, here 248 bytes version. But then I decided to add some variety so that the drums tempo would change over time. The code uses a square wave generator that generates various arpeggios, an echo and decay effects are applied to them.

The code generates chrods progressions from the initial pattern '037'. We can generate another harmonies by changing coefficients, for example:

'Chase in the Forest' version
'Foggy Forest' version

Also, more harmonies by 'Chasyxx' on reddit:
Post too long. Click to view.
(22.11KB, 700x700)
I keep forgetting to post my songs here :)

"At night, while the cat is away, mice become masters of the house and dance together in the middle of the room."

- Original / minified version – 404B size.
- Formatted version – 932B size.


A song obtained by alternating an array of two elements. Switching between them creates an interesting melody.

This song is a further development of my "Small mouse" song (>>424) which is a deep remix of of "cool vaporwave" by Rio zack (>>408).

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(163B, 1x1)
I want this to sound like this (but no stereo)
(57.20KB, 508x810)
Fixed your links.
You mixed up square brackets and parentheses. To add a link with text correctly, you need [Your text](Your link), like

> How do I properly mix together multiple melodies?
Just like that:
In Bytebeat mode: 128+64*(bass+mel)
In Floatbeat mode: (bass+mel)/2

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(16.44KB, 128x64)
A straight port the song used on this:

Post too long. Click to view.
Nice song are largest code! My friend :D
Rule 86 if it exists, you can play Bad apple on it
(64.95KB, 404x316)
Super! By the way, another Bad Apple cover was already written a few days before you, hehe :)

In general, any song written in any tracker can be converted to bytebeat if to make a converter. So for example did Jimmyoshi and raphaelgoulart from, their works are in the Big JS code section in the library. In fact, the songs library can be replenished indefinitely, simply by porting tracker songs.

But your work is cool! You popularize your XO-Tracker, let more people know about it, you can post other ports here with some special features, like you applied a filter here so that the music doesn't play in full amplitude squares, so it sounds softer.

But this also sounds cool in a regular
Post too long. Click to view.

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Lovebyte Turbo @ Evoke 2022 (live capture with audience),
Hi, I made this as an entry for a 4-entry bytebeat "competition" (without voting) as part of the mentioned mini demo party "Lovebyte Turbo". It's been shown for 30 s to the crowd (check video), but you can run it for longer of course. The main requirement is to make the code not bigger than 256 bytes.

Link to play
(1.28MB, 498x494)
Interesting event! I would love to attend such demoparty.
Your tune reminds me a doom soundtrack a bit, cool.
Also you should fix the amplitude of the drums to get rid of distortion.
(18.45KB, 500x500)
Also, here the 238 bytes version:


Added to the library!
Thanks for adding it. The drums actually got much more beefy by randomly distorting based on the hihat's amplitude.

The actual name of the track was "Visitors from the Dark Side". Could you please change it in the library?

If you like you might check out more of the different bytebeat entries released at some recent demoparties here:

No.55  Reply
(3.47MB, 256x256)
I have made a few Bytebeat songs posted to Reddit over the past month or two.

Here are some of my favorites.

creepy droning static thing


plucky sierpinski

Crude Sinewave Dubstep Remix

Doom E1M1 theme recreation
Post too long. Click to view.
31 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
(20.97KB, 1024x256)
(38.87KB, 1231x142)
These are not mine, I am just putting them from Discord.

t*t>>(t&8192?t&4096?t&2048?8:9:10:6) sine wave dubstep (needs to be in 32000hz)
t&t>>(t&8192?t&4096?t&2048?8:9:10:6) triangle wave dubstep (needs to be in 32000hz)
(t&t%255)-t curved xor fractal
(t&t%255)-(t|t>>7) shading xor fractal
(t&t%255)-(t&t>>13) another thing i made
t*pow(1.2,("ux".charCodeAt((t*t)&3))) sharpen harmony
arr=[1,7,4,4,6,5,5,random()%65,6,6,5,4,5,1,5,4,5,7,1,random()%65,4,3,5,5,3,2][(t>>10)%25]*t, arr>>t/100 //array testing, needs to be in 32000hz
arr=[1,7,4,4,6,5,5,random()%65,6,6,5,4,5,1,5,4,5,7,1,random()%65,4,3,5,5,3,2][(t>>11)%25]*t, arr&t>>3 //array + triangle
(t*random()%100)|t>>3 //simple snare, although it isnt that good though
t*pow(1.2123, ("N╞604):arrow_up_down:е4#98:relaxed:465:diamonds:68:clubs:УГ∟ ↑3H5".charCodeAt((t*t)&t>>100))) //javascript code that makes (kind of) bass
max(1.2123, ("N╞604):arrow_up_down:е4#98:relaxed:465:diamonds:68:clubs:УГ∟ ↑3H5".charCodeAt((t*t)&t>>14)))*t/100 //sharpen javascript music
sin(t/((t&4095)+1000)+128)*t/100 //sine bass
sin(t/((t&4095)+1000)+128)*32 //sine bass v2
sin(t/((t&4095)+100)+128)*64 //more powerful sine bass
tan(t/((t&405)+1000)+128)*64 //8-bit
sin(t/((t&t>>9)+1000)+128)*12 //8-bit modem sine melody
((t&t>>9)^(t>>16&t>>8))*t //idk how should i name this
t%(t%(t>>8)) //this was totally unexpected
t%(t%(t>>8))|t>>2 //simple snare but idk v2
t*t/exp(1) //weird sine form
t>>t%(t%2?t&32768?41:t&16384?70:60:39)&t>>4 //remix of Electrohouse
t&t*(t>>10|t) //music (needs to be in 11025hz)
a=[80,80,80,80,50,50,60,60][(t>>13)%8], t*0.99%80+t%a //harmony
a=[80,80,80,80,50,50,60,60][(t>>13)%8], b=(3e3/(t&8190)&1)*50, (t*0.99%80+t%a)+b //harmony with kick
(11.10KB, 240x240)
pretty please?
(1.09MB, 1920x3026)
"23-character dubstep" - hehe, can be shortened to t&t>>12|t/(t&t>>12), now it's 19-character dubstep :)
Also, dubstep by krcko (t&t>>12)*(t>>4|t>>8) has 21 character
Oh, that detective theme was good!
The player is very slow and can not cope with this brainfuck, suddenly.
> t>>4+t%34|t>>5+t%(43+(4<t/7777%8?3:0))|t/4|t/8%32+3
> can be shortened
Oh, thank you, fixed.
> binary cycle
> ternary cycle
> octal cycle
Post too long. Click to view.

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(48.02KB, 577x433)
10 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
(10.92KB, 362x377)
(11.57KB, 152x331)
(3.22KB, 117x91)
(97.60KB, 344x302)
(20.95KB, 170x91)

No.141  Reply
think speak heavy.png
(140.12KB, 680x361)
decided here would be the easiest place to post for now considering all the other stuff i have going on, going to answer some questions i probably have:

i deleted my reddit and youtube and other account because i'm trying to clean up all sorts of accounts for privacy reasons, i don't trust reddit with my account and i didn't enjoy posting there. i feel like i only had my point proven when everyone became unable to post. songs that i release should appear on my website when i get around to it so i don't feel like i've lost anything.

my website hasn't been updated in a long time because i've wanted to really do a proper cleanup for a long time so i can fix all the bugs and massively reduce the loading time (then post on things like 512 kb club, 256 kb club, etc)

the reason i've added funcbeat mode is for a few reasons:
- i wanted something that would be close to something like tinyrave, with a statement based syntax and sec t since it feels less like something ported from C and more fitting for javascript
- passing a function out and having the scope around it allows better performance since every variable outside of the returned function is only passed once
- because t is only passed into the last function, you can always easily take the last function and create a wrapper around it to warp time after the fact
- because of a few of the previous reasons and other practical differences it can be very useful to show off the music making aspects in a demonstration without having to explain things like sample rate and bytes and other programming concepts

anyways since the website isn't going to have a visible update for a long time i'll post this song here early:
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(107.43KB, 3555x2133)

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(111.44KB, 1609x413)
(84.40KB, 1594x405)
Hi everyone! I wanted to share my first actual bytebeat with you guys!
br>I'm somewhat new to the world of bytebeat, and I've been trying to learn how to make songs. However, after experimenting a lot, I've finally made one!

I recently figured out how to use arrays for sequencing, so I figured I could start making a song. What I ended up with was a Sierpinski melody + kicks from another bytebeat, and I think it turned out really well! The song is about 32.76 seconds long.

Here it is!

(dollchan / sarpnt)

And here's a badly annotated formatted version:
(dollchan / sarpnt)

I'm hoping I can sometime move away from classic bytebeat and into HQ songs like the ones under the Big JS and Floatbeat tabs. I always have you guys to help! ;)

Anyways, what do you guys think of my first song?
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Managed to shorten it to just

Is anyone going to help me?
(163B, 1x1)
I wrote a short JS script that should have generated proper bytebeat music:
for(let t=0;;t++){

The script does not generate music correctly. How can I get the script to generate bytebeat music correctly?

If you haven't seen it yet

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track (5).webm
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Actually, it can be shortened to just this
(1.93MB, 1078x1075)
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(20.34KB, 500x500)
images (1).jpeg
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