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think speak heavy.png
(140.12KB, 680x361)
decided here would be the easiest place to post for now considering all the other stuff i have going on, going to answer some questions i probably have:

i deleted my reddit and youtube and other account because i'm trying to clean up all sorts of accounts for privacy reasons, i don't trust reddit with my account and i didn't enjoy posting there. i feel like i only had my point proven when everyone became unable to post. songs that i release should appear on my website when i get around to it so i don't feel like i've lost anything.

my website hasn't been updated in a long time because i've wanted to really do a proper cleanup for a long time so i can fix all the bugs and massively reduce the loading time (then post on things like 512 kb club, 256 kb club, etc)

the reason i've added funcbeat mode is for a few reasons:
- i wanted something that would be close to something like tinyrave, with a statement based syntax and sec t since it feels less like something ported from C and more fitting for javascript
- passing a function out and having the scope around it allows better performance since every variable outside of the returned function is only passed once
- because t is only passed into the last function, you can always easily take the last function and create a wrapper around it to warp time after the fact
- because of a few of the previous reasons and other practical differences it can be very useful to show off the music making aspects in a demonstration without having to explain things like sample rate and bytes and other programming concepts

anyways since the website isn't going to have a visible update for a long time i'll post this song here early:

boots in bed
funcbeat, any samplerate (48000 is best with the current player)

return s=s=>2**(("023578"[s%7|0]||10)/12+(s/7|0)+7.5),o=(t,b)=>(O=[O=t>12&&sin(b*200)/4+(t*s("0035"[t/3&3])/4%1>t/3%1)/4*b||0,O],(T=>{for(i=0;i<9;i++)(N=t-3/8*i)<0||(n=N*s(N%3*4-(N/3&2)+7),O[i%2]+=N<132&&T(n+N%3/9*T(n/((N/3&3)+1)))*(1-N*4%1)/3*.6**i)})(t=>abs(t%1*4-2)-1),O),t=>t>127?o(t+4):o(t>48?(a=t%1,x=t*2&7,(t/4|0)*3+(t>96?(t&3)+a-(x>3):[a,(t&3)+[a%(1/12),(a-1)**2,a,a-.5,a*3/2,a*2/3,a-1,a-1][x],[a*3/2,a,a*3/2,(a-1)**2,a,a-.5,a*2/3,a*2/4][x]][t/16-3|0])):t,t<24||(t*(t/8-13|0?2:1)%1)**.4)

Here's a link
(107.43KB, 3555x2133)
Screenshot 2023-12-18 at 05-10-23 Bytebeat compose
(59.86KB, 1024x320)
It's been over a year since your post and I finally decided to make a Funcbeat mode in my player, heh.
Here some tutorials how to convert bytebeat to funcbeat:

"42 melody" ported to funcbeat (play):
return (t,s)=>(t*=s,t*(42&t>>10)&255)/128-1

In this case, if you choose other sample rates, the sound will change. To prevent the sound from changing, you can set 8000 sample rate in the code, as in the original 42 melody (play):
return t=>(t*=8E3,t*(42&t>>10)&255)/128-1

Note that the funcbeat has a floatbeat range, from -1 to 1. Actually, (x&255)/128-1 is a conversion from bytebeat to floatbeat in the code above.
"stimmer" ported to funcbeat (play)
return (t,s)=>(t*=s,t*(4|t>>13&3)>>(~t>>11&1)&128|t*(t>>11&t>>13)*(~t>>9&3)&127)/128-1

In this case, the formula contains &127, so it’s enough to do x/128-1.

Also, some variation of my Dark Forest, ported to funcbeat: Attack in the Forest

Message edited: 18.12.23 Mon 06:31:37
(3.16MB, 320x320)
i showered.png
(848.60KB, 1052x731)
i've done a bit of work on the website again! one of the big things is a new url system, shorter than ever before, and it'll almost certainly shrink further when i figure out how to generate a deflate dictionary.

did you know the url anchor has 89 valid characters? it took quite a bit of digging to find that, but i use every single one of them.

not a lot of changes are visible on the actual website, in fact i've removed some buttons, but the code has improved significantly and codemirror has been updated.

and yes, the version in the repo works. i encourage you to use the code as much as you want. in fact, please do steal the url code, it's even in its own folder. if you can, please DON'T put the code on github. i don't like that github is scraping all the repos to make copilot. i reccomend you use some other git host instead like [url=]codeberg[/url]. i'd like to hear about any projects you make.

i have some song drafts sitting around but i haven't finished any of them yet. i did get some nice noise generation though!

here's just a noise generator:

and here's a drum beat, with a pretty good snare and hat:

much shorter than the dollchan link:
apparently the bulletin board does not use bbcode. it uses half of it and also uses markdown elsewhere.


noise generator
[drum beat](|uQ.3eBeV?e3G)k.\)eN$F|Qo[_m3Z#LezrJ)gI|H^gU2#Pq.iR5RZTOAoS:OQE(X1n1HGw=kybPg0as7Njf\7l(?P^M8PznRqx-qJ((?xC^Eds4qA~Bg?~+]IBi2gDQ2f33+0ltQ&SA'|Pc-m0sS+'kQFjwCp91r/pM:+ypmUVa&K7*)

i might need to revert the url changes, i didn't see beforehand that it breaks markdown.

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