New Bytebeat Codes
cokufaqikk (R: 152)
Here you can post the results of your experiments, or something interesting you found on the Internet and would like to share it (with link to the source).

Bytebeat player and library
SthephanShi (R: 29)
Hello to the music and programming fans!
This is a thread dedicated to the bytebeat player.

Return_Micro (R: 2)

Songs By Unknown-Time-6969
Unknown-Time-6969 (R: 26)
Twinkle Dubstep

Songs by PortablePorcelain
PortablePorcelain (R: 40)
I have made a few Bytebeat songs posted to Reddit over the past month or two.

Here are some of my favorites.

Songs by hcdphobe
hcdphobe (R: 119)
name: cool waveform second sawtooth wave

remix of 'Hard Level'
absolute197 (R: 2)

Dots (Preview 1)
Mikey Salodzka (R: 12)

Songs by Rio zack
Rio zack (R: 197)

absolute197 (R: 0)

Songs by Decent-Manager-6169
Decent-Manager-6169 (R: 22)
Not quite accurate Calvin Harris - Summer

Songs by Chasyxx
Chasyxx (R: 45)
Yes, It is I...


anonymous (R: 0)
use chrome

anonymous (R: 0)
music with 303ish filter

BaenHoHoHo (R: 0)
Longline Theory Remix Again

Floatbeat 100c Song
mini infinities (R: 1)

Absolutely Infiniti boombm
mini infinities (R: 1)

Reverb works in C!
OnixIsThePewterGod (R: 3)

#define r 48000

//Set output length (in seconds) here!
#define time_seco

something thats inspired by morse code
psubscirbe (R: 1)

Great life
absolute197 (R: 5)

anonymous (R: 6)
how to do it?

anonymous (R: 1)
scratched Earl Gray Groove music disc

anonymous (R: 0)
I converted postfix(rpn) to infix

Songs by psubscirbe
psubscirbe (R: 99)
Modem melody 2

no idea what i did but i changed something
BaenHoHoHo (R: 0)

don't look here
a (R: 1)
lol b
lol /
lol U
lol S
lol %

even worse remix of the fall of derp herp
BaenHoHoHo (R: 0)

Luminous Sunset - Sierpinski Remix
Luminous Sunset (R: 2)

anonymous (R: 1)
music generator

Some random numbers to an random post
Glebguything (R: 3)

Songs by Glebguything
Ractangle (R: 22)
I did my best to create the codes

new update????
Zackx (R: 17)

artificial intellignence bobm
leejh20 (R: 1)
link was too long (11KB)

hello people of the dollchan threads

Songs by lhphr
lhphr (R: 28)
Hello! I've been doing bytebeat on and off in the recent times and I decided, why not, let's just share it with others for once! The way I will be formatting my

anonymous (R: 1)



the aturned777 remix beat
aturned777 (R: 0)

Glebguything (R: 0)
New update aaaaaaaaaa loeo

Sinewave Beach: an ambient experiment
Iwaku (R: 0)

Kouzerumatsu (R: 7)
A straight port the song used on this:

Arpeggiator Fun 2
PortablePorcelain (R: 1)
Well, it's been a while since I've made something really significant

Celtic heart with power 2.755 sound...?
ChrisRM380 (R: 0)
[0,0 ,64,96,64,128,192,196,200,208,226,128,96,80,64,0][((t*(t/8388608))>>6)%16] //Celtic heart power 2.755 converted to sound I t

Moog City 154c MIDI cover (and I rebranded!)
Iwaku (R: 0)
(OnixIsThePewterGod is old, I switched to this new name almost 6 months ago)

154c - That's it!

bytebeat drum machine
leejh20 (R: 2)

cool synth that takes advantage of clipping
OnixIsThePewterGod (R: 0)

Song for Space Invaders
MT2023 (R: 0)

ChrisRM380 (R: 0)

hardcore music (one of my best ones)
absolute197 (R: 1)

Songs by BaenHoHoHo
BaenHoHoHo (R: 16)

The Final Frontier
OnixIsThePewterGod (R: 0)

great life
absolute197 (R: 0)

great life
absolute197 (R: 0)

Great life
absolute197 (R: 0)

Great life
Great life (R: 0)

Great life
absolute197 (R: 0)

I don't really understand reverb... Someone explain and give an example?
OnixIsThePewterGod (R: 1)
I've looked at some bytebeats with reverb and I've tried to understand how it works. From what I understand, it seems to me that it works something like this:

new bytebeat codes
Kehkeown_Uai (R: 0)
harmonic pulsation:

Songs by kOLbOSa_exe
йорик (kolbosa) (R: 15)
i made new waveform, or this is a sinusoidal abuse?

Dubstep thing
Glebguything (R: 2)

Zackx (R: 2)
here i remix from my reddit comment "bass added" i making j-core style lol
here this

Welcome to the dubstep park
Glebguything (R: 0)

SthephanShi pls read
capybara likes to eat hands (R: 4)
We need customizable themes for your bytebeat composer.

New (Unofficial) Bytebeat Discord!
OnixIsThePewterGod (R: 2)
I thought here it would be easier for us to chat and share bytebeats. :)
My post on r/bytebeat got removed for some reason, so join here:

I made a Bytebeat guide
Ravary (R: 3)
I decided to make a guide because I didnt find a guide that i liked a lot, I put a lot of time and effort on this guide, so please take a look at it, also in th

XO-Tracker: Tsukite Moonhand The Bananafox Theme
Kouzerumatsu (R: 5)
this... is just some sort of tracker being ported in bytebeat js; and yes, it's not time independent.

Bout the music though, its literally the music th

Songs by SthephanShi
SthephanShi (R: 9)
So, I need to fill in the content a little.
I'm alone here for the time being, like God in his newly created world...
I like to play with short formulas

How do I properly mix together multiple melodies?
OnixIsThePewterGod (R: 1)
I want

Some bytebeat I made for the "Lovebyte Turbo" entry at Evoke demoparty
Dresdenboy (R: 3)
Hi, I made this as an entry for a 4-entry bytebeat "competition" (without voting) as part of the mentioned mini demo party "Lovebyte Turbo". It's been shown for

Songs by GetDolphinedLol
GetDolphinedLolHasReturned (R: 15)
oh look a new bytebeat code!

boots in bed
SArpnt (R: 1)
decided here would be the easiest place to post for now considering all the other stuff i have going on, going to answer some questions i probably have:

Songs by OnixIsThePewterGod
OnixIsThePewterGod (R: 18)
Hi everyone! I wanted to share my first actual bytebeat with you guys!
br>I'm somewhat new to the world of bytebeat, and I've been trying to learn how to mak

Songs by HypernovaHeathen
HypernovaHeathen (R: 8)
I've Made A New Bytebeat Song. (The Clipping Is A Coding Error)