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Common thread
SthephanShi replies: 296
Here you can post the results of your experiments, or something interesting you found on the Internet and would like to share it (with link to the source).

Bytebeat player and library
SthephanShi replies: 46
Hello to the music and programming fans!
This is a thread dedicated to the bytebeat player.

"credits song for my death" remake with bitcrushed triangles
ChrisRM380 replies: 10

Songs by Zackx
Zackx replies: 388

I recreated a song, but I don't know the name of it
ChrisRM380 replies: 4
t/=12.8,T=t*5/8,t*=16/15,T*=16/15,prom=function(a,b){return ((a&255) + (b&255)) / 2},beatA=(([sin(t>>1),sin(t>>2),sin(t

Songs by Decent-Manager-6169
Decent-Manager-6169 replies: 88
Not quite accurate Calvin Harris - Summer

Recreated SWAG-75's ambience
ChrisRM380 replies: 10

Songs by kOLbOSa_exe
йорик (kolbosa) replies: 66
i made new waveform, or this is a sinusoidal abuse?

Songs by MT2023
MT2023 replies: 185
Stimmer but i added drums (44100 Hz)

Songs by WilliamP692
WilliamP692 replies: 87
some modified version of neurofunk

Songs by hcdphobe
hcdphobe replies: 154
name: cool waveform second sawtooth wave

I remember this song, but I don't remember the name of it
ChrisRM380 replies: 2

Songs by Chasyxx
Chasyxx replies: 236
Yes, It is I...


Songs by Glebguything
Glebguything replies: 58
I did my best to create the codes

e.SlashMachine replies: 0
Someone, please explain how to work the eval(unescape(escape function, like in minibake or The Base 1.

Bob replies: 0

A-105 from rld????
ChrisRM380 replies: 0

this.noise??= function(t,o=2,w=0) {

        if (t<2) {console.error("start")}

        processLFSR = function(width=0) {

the descending shapes
ChrisRM380 replies: 0

Songs by BaenHoHoHo
BaenHoHoHo replies: 57

Nothing replies: 1
hello world

Songs by psubscirbe
psubscirbe replies: 222
Modem melody 2

"Last Pallete" remix
ChrisRM380 replies: 0
ftb=function(f){f *= 128
return f += 128},n=t*[1,0,1,0,2,2,1,0,1,0,2,2,1,0,2,2][int(t*3/2048)%16],a=.5*sin(n*3*PI/

remix from wiretapped's bytebeat with a synth and echo-like
JayLinFlash replies: 2
You see this link:

remix of No Limit
remix of No Limit replies: 1

remix of Crude Sinewave Dubstep replies: 24

my attempt to recreate "boots in bed"
ChrisRM380 replies: 0

l replies: 0
(3E5/(t&t>>10))^(t>>2^(t>>7))*(t>>15*(t>>12)) //16000hz

Slightly C-compatible "lovely tune"
soheilshahrab replies: 0

l replies: 0
i'm new here


"someone please remix this" ok fine
ChrisRM380 replies: 0

Melody Happy XOR thingy (2 bytebeats combined again)
ChrisRM380 replies: 4

"happy thing with a long sierpinski harmony" remix
ChrisRM380 replies: 6

Songs by SthephanShi
SthephanShi replies: 14
So, I need to fill in the content a little.
I'm alone here for the time being, like God in his newly created world...
I like to play with short formulas

cave story balcony remake
ChrisRM380 replies: 0

how to make echo without some random stuff
ChrisRM380 replies: 0

a ryg bytebeat but some triangle waves joined in
ChrisRM380 replies: 0

"happy thing with long sierpinski harmony", but a triangle joined in
ChrisRM380 replies: 1

Filter comparison: Stimmer
Unname4798 replies: 3

Unknown1 replies: 0
a funny song I made
t*t/9|t>>6|t>>8 //32000Hz

Songs by MarioFan171
MarioFan171 replies: 35
Kevvviiinnn Stage 39 Remix
(([1,1,2,3/2,2,9/4, 9/4, 19/8, 19/8, 9/4, 9/4, 19/8, 19/8, 8/3, 8/3, 8/3, 1,1,2,3/2,2,9/4, 9/4, 19/8, 19/8, 9/4, 9/4, 19/

oo glitchy
ChrisRM380 replies: 0
ftb = function(obj) {
 obj *= 128
 return obj + 128

all my songs
soheilshahrab replies: 0
C-compatible theory:

C-compatible theory
soheilshahrab replies: 0
an easy remix of longline theory by mu6k and bongo by zackxx


Kernkraft 400 XOR + Drums Detail
ChrisRM380 replies: 1


a smile
ChrisRM380 replies: 0

yes yes yes yes
ChrisRM380 replies: 0
converted floatbeat to bytebeat in the shortest way possible
(floatbeat here) * 128 + 128
time = t/44100,
PI = 3.14159265358979323,

S.I.T.E but the synth is not alone
ChrisRM380 replies: 0
slide = min(1, t / 1024 % 8),
t ? (note += 2 ** (pitch = [
        -2 + 5 * slide,
        3 - 5 * slide,
        -2 + 5 * slide,
        3 + 4 *

boots in bed
SArpnt replies: 5
decided here would be the easiest place to post for now considering all the other stuff i have going on, going to answer some questions i probably have:

mixing up 2 bytebeats
ChrisRM380 replies: 0
BЯΣΛKXӨЯᄃӨЯΣ and SWAG-75 melody combined

Macsintosh sound or E-200 fake despawn???
ChrisRM380 replies: 0

sine melody with cool beat
kvikoy replies: 0

Just "Inter Time Dubstep" but modified a little bit
Bytebeat dubstep replies: 0

电池过载(in fo china) replies: 0
tile bytebeat

Songs by PortablePorcelain
PortablePorcelain replies: 40
I have made a few Bytebeat songs posted to Reddit over the past month or two.

Here are some of my favorites.

Marina Vieira de Souza replies: 0

I made a Bytebeat guide
Ravary replies: 3
I decided to make a guide because I didnt find a guide that i liked a lot, I put a lot of time and effort on this guide, so please take a look at it, also in th

u/87634218675342698753 replies: 0

Красный Площадь replies: 0
how do people use CBRT? I'm new to ByteBeat.

Nikzapp replies: 0
I have no idea how to use this website, hopefully this works.

Made an interesting drum pattern, looks pretty cool when zoomed in

buzzing trophy
zalapalon replies: 1

idk i made a few bytebeat codes
d3nschøt replies: 0
SL idk

remake of pyryp's formula. (obviously sounds the same)
demonfong replies: 1

Weird ByteBeat I Accidently Made...
Pawin Vechanon replies: 0

Some bytebeat I made for the "Lovebyte Turbo" entry at Evoke demoparty
Dresdenboy replies: 3
Hi, I made this as an entry for a 4-entry bytebeat "competition" (without voting) as part of the mentioned mini demo party "Lovebyte Turbo". It's been shown for

aturned777 replies: 0
thoughts on the test

baseline remixed with drums detail
NDV463 replies: 0

srimmer 2 fanmade replies: 1

Pawin Vechanon replies: 1
Weird Sound I Accidently Made.

Songs by HypernovaHeathen
HypernovaHeathen replies: 14
I've Made A New Bytebeat Song. (The Clipping Is A Coding Error)

Songs by absolute197
absolute197 replies: 31
Great life Changelog
psubscirbe replies: 11
This is where I keep my changes on my bytebeat player.

Update (13/08/23):

Creaky replies: 8

Songs by Kouzerumatsu
Kouzerumatsu replies: 29
XO-Tracker: Tsukite Moonhand The Bananafox Theme

this... is just some sort of tracker being ported in bytebeat js; and yes, it's not time inde

Songs by OnixIsThePewterGod
OnixIsThePewterGod replies: 25
Hi everyone! I wanted to share my first actual bytebeat with you guys!
br>I'm somewhat new to the world of bytebeat, and I've been trying to learn how to mak

Dubstep Lazy Jones
T7F4 replies: 5
Made this dubstep version of lazy jones

Thanks to leejh20 for the drums

Songs by lhphr
lhphr replies: 27
Hello! I've been doing bytebeat on and off in the recent times and I decided, why not, let's just share it with others for once! The way I will be formatting my

Songs by GetDolphinedLol
GetDolphinedLolHasReturned replies: 16
oh look a new bytebeat code!

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