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(64.37KB, 444x420)
this... is just some sort of tracker being ported in bytebeat js; and yes, it's not time independent.

Bout the music though, its literally the music theme of the character of mine, Tsukite :3

Link to play the song
yea i must be here
(293.46KB, 1080x1080)
(244.39KB, 1486x820)
Hello and Welcome to the Temple of Bytebeat! You brought generous gifts, thank You my friend!
1-bit music sounds cool and interesting. Especially if to know it's a special challenge for real masters of chiptune kungfu to play a song using only one channel, hehe.
I found the original, so you wrote this song, wow! You are a very talented person. And what about Tsukite the Bananafox, did you come up with this character yourself?

By the way I'm also an electronics engineer and I like tinkering with microcontrollers, but I've never composed music for trackers and never dealt with video console chips like 2A03 or AY-3-8910. I mostly deal with AVR for industrial use.
And seems you also a creator of XO-TRACKER, and this song is the part of your arduino project ported from C to JS. Nice!
How did you originally write this song? In a Famitracker? And how you transferred it to the XO-tracker, combining all the channels into one?
(1.67MB, 800x600)
Oh, hi there, thank you for the welcome, I am very appreciating it ^w^

I honestly didn't expect the such welcome <w<

So, hm...
I'm glad you like this 1-bit thing, while I'm not expecting much about it XD
Yea, this is the 1-bit tracker designed for a system which has only 1-bit audio, but hugely portable due to its simplicity. Originally written for XO-Chip (which is Chip-8 derivative). CHIP-8 itself is pretty old system, while XO-Chip is only fantasy system... Though one can implement XO-Chip emulator into Esp32, Esp8266, or even Arduino Mega! Nobody had tried emulating this afaik, and I'm surrounded by lazyness xd

Uhm, I am, yeah, sorta electronic engineer but more into being hobbyist .w.
I make projects just for fun, and this is one of them... I do art, and music too.. and yeah, despite those talents, I'm still simply floating around ~.~

About the character though .. yeah, he is mine XD -- being yellow fox, with typical blue sky eye, wearing glasses. Dunno how to define him more, but I used him to represent myself on Internet at the most.

XO-Tracker... well this is sorta hard for me to unpack ???? but i still had no plan to actually standardize everything yet, the presets or the way how it works may change. I had dreamed to actually be able to implement it's sequencer with really easy interface, allowing non programmer musicians or chiptuners to have their hands on this system, producing yet another impressive 1-bit banger, I'm still seeing my 1-bit musics here sorta basic XD

For the music I wrote here... The way i made it is intuitive-ish, I'm abusing FamiTracker to get the job done, and python to convert the data. Though, attempting to match with existing Famitracker features with the spec of this system, gives me pretty limited controls on how I can express with the 1-bit music I can write. It would be gonna always like that as long there is no special 1-bit sequencer made for it.

The way I wrote Bananafox theme here, it's completely rewrite, but still based on the original song. I had some rules on how to combine the note patterns to make some sort of illusion it being multivoiced when it is listened, typically, each row, it is like:
1. Percussion / Melody
2. Bass
3. Percussion / Melody
4. Arpeggio

Sometimes percussion will always laid on top of melody, but our ear is best at filling and always assume melody is there.


I think that's it for right now, i got my computer broken now and i don't think i can do much from now on- nice to know you though. Best regards for ya! 'w'
Unveiling extended content of the original bananafox theme :3

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