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(3.47MB, 256x256)
I have made a few Bytebeat songs posted to Reddit over the past month or two.

Here are some of my favorites.

creepy droning static thing


plucky sierpinski

Crude Sinewave Dubstep Remix

Doom E1M1 theme recreation

Minified TIROv5.1 remix
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(2.71MB, 498x280)
"creepy droning static thing" - I like this sine-noise weird drone effect. Also I see a beautiful sine transforms at max zoom. Also added to library the "remix of ripthisentry.txt tune 3" from that reddit post. But I did not quite understand the purpose of using random() in the remix, it can be removed withoud sound change.
"1fccccf1" - A nice squarewave bass comes at first. Also the code can be simplified to

"Doom E1M1 theme recreation" - Oh, my youth memories! Cool pc-speaker-like cover!
80 !
82 !
83 !
85 !
This thing can have lots of possibilities for making dubstep stuff i guess
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(5.46KB, 271x48)
93 !
(0.99KB, 193x38)

Do you know how PortablePorcelain stopped uploading bytebeats to the reddit, but after that, it started being LuckyLuxius?
They are the same person (me), but one is on mobile. (No, I am not programming them on mobile)

And SthephanShi, can you please join the discord server and/or make an account? I'd really appreciate it, there is some from me, kolbosa, and some of the other bytebeat community members that are active from the subreddit (and here, too!)

My discord is polyrhythm#0001 (nitro flex) and here is the link to the bytebeat discord.
wait there is an uwu there
95 !
(238.04KB, 350x350)
97 !
(85.72KB, 1024x1024)
> PortablePorcelain
> LuckyLuxius
> They are the same person (me)
Oh, okay. Also, are you getDolphinedLol? You post a lot on reddit, just like him.
> can you please join the discord server and/or make an account?
Sorry, but no. I feel comfortable checking in here (and reddit) once a week. I have no time. If I were a student or a schoolboy, I could be online all 24/7, creating new formulas every half an hour, chatting all day long. Too many chats, too much information around. Everyone around demands chats and communication, demand to be answered. I have enough of my main job for this. I don't want to turn my hobby into a second job to keep track of all the informational garbage that comes to my phone. I don't like it when entities multiply. Sorry.

> You forgot some of my things
Thanks for your formulas! These are the formulas you've been posting on reddit over the last few months? I will need to specify the links to your reddit posts for those of your songs that are added to the library. I don't go to reddit almost because there are too many posts. Several dozen formulas for a week, a hundred per month, thats too much. I do not have time to track them all. It will be necessary to allocate time, to go through all the posts since January, add the most interesting.
101 !
fe1574717b35_Screen Shot 2019-07-05 at 6.20.18 PM.
(207.94KB, 685x970)
Oh, there are so many TIRO remixes.
The transition at 47 second, which was in the previous remix iteration, was lost. Also, x/x is 1, so z(x*(1+(1/(x/x)))) is just z(x*2). It seems that the 47 seconds theme change is lost in all your TIRO remixes.
"remix of crude sinewave dubstep" - Energetic song with all known Crude Dubstep! I like this track, but why you set up so high samplerate and then divide it to 4? You can just use 44100Hz.
"minified crude sinewave dubstep" - f=(x)=>sin(x*PI),q=t*(t&t>>12)/11025/2,f(q)/2 can be minified to just sin(PI*t*(t&t>>12)/22050)/2.
"PCM Synthesis" - an interesting technology for playing raw data in the form of Pulse Code Modulation. Can this be considered a bytebeat? Hmm.
"Super minified ripthisentry.txt tune#3" - Yes, there are a lot of songs in the library that use arrays where you can shorten the code using strings as arrays.
"super creepy tornado sound effect with EAS included" - Oh that was really creepy! I'm not a US resident and I don't know what US alert sounds like, but the hurricane sounds are realistic! I even got scared a bit.
Nice loops! Added to library.
You know, "squsinsaw" is one of my favorite songs. It seems to be so simple and derpy, but it stuck in my head so much. And you've made the sound cleaner by changing the instruments to sines and squares. But with the lower bass it sounds better, like the original. With your permission, I will add a lowered version to the library.
102 !
No, I am not getDolphinedLol, and you can also input into the ctrl+F menu "PortablePorcelain" or "LuckyLuxius" to find some things from Reddit.
109 !
(9.33MB, 128x96)
110 !
(38.89KB, 344x705)
111 !

First, go to

Then you put "this.t??=0,t+=1," in front of the bytebeat to make sure it doesn't break

Then you got maxified bytebeat.
115 !
(149B, 1x1)
a jaunty wheezing modem

can be shortened to this

I need some more motivation
116 !

1 char shorter:
119 !
121 !
122 !
(3.78KB, 389x14)
123 !
(149B, 1x1)
128 !
(2.59KB, 59x30)
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(3.47MB, 256x256)
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(24.15KB, 118x86)
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(3.87MB, 256x256)
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(364.99KB, 4096x4096)
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(69.16KB, 1920x1439)
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(3.81MB, 640x360)
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(66.59KB, 900x634)
159 !
(3.42KB, 225x225)
179 !
193 !
(8.70KB, 1024x256)
194 !
(20.97KB, 1024x256)
199 !
(38.87KB, 1231x142)
These are not mine, I am just putting them from Discord.

t*t>>(t&8192?t&4096?t&2048?8:9:10:6) sine wave dubstep (needs to be in 32000hz)
t&t>>(t&8192?t&4096?t&2048?8:9:10:6) triangle wave dubstep (needs to be in 32000hz)
(t&t%255)-t curved xor fractal
(t&t%255)-(t|t>>7) shading xor fractal
(t&t%255)-(t&t>>13) another thing i made
t*pow(1.2,("ux".charCodeAt((t*t)&3))) sharpen harmony
arr=[1,7,4,4,6,5,5,random()%65,6,6,5,4,5,1,5,4,5,7,1,random()%65,4,3,5,5,3,2][(t>>10)%25]*t, arr>>t/100 //array testing, needs to be in 32000hz
arr=[1,7,4,4,6,5,5,random()%65,6,6,5,4,5,1,5,4,5,7,1,random()%65,4,3,5,5,3,2][(t>>11)%25]*t, arr&t>>3 //array + triangle
(t*random()%100)|t>>3 //simple snare, although it isnt that good though
t*pow(1.2123, ("N╞604):arrow_up_down:е4#98:relaxed:465:diamonds:68:clubs:УГ∟ ↑3H5".charCodeAt((t*t)&t>>100))) //javascript code that makes (kind of) bass
max(1.2123, ("N╞604):arrow_up_down:е4#98:relaxed:465:diamonds:68:clubs:УГ∟ ↑3H5".charCodeAt((t*t)&t>>14)))*t/100 //sharpen javascript music
sin(t/((t&4095)+1000)+128)*t/100 //sine bass
sin(t/((t&4095)+1000)+128)*32 //sine bass v2
sin(t/((t&4095)+100)+128)*64 //more powerful sine bass
tan(t/((t&405)+1000)+128)*64 //8-bit
sin(t/((t&t>>9)+1000)+128)*12 //8-bit modem sine melody
((t&t>>9)^(t>>16&t>>8))*t //idk how should i name this
t%(t%(t>>8)) //this was totally unexpected
t%(t%(t>>8))|t>>2 //simple snare but idk v2
t*t/exp(1) //weird sine form
t>>t%(t%2?t&32768?41:t&16384?70:60:39)&t>>4 //remix of Electrohouse
t&t*(t>>10|t) //music (needs to be in 11025hz)
a=[80,80,80,80,50,50,60,60][(t>>13)%8], t*0.99%80+t%a //harmony
a=[80,80,80,80,50,50,60,60][(t>>13)%8], b=(3e3/(t&8190)&1)*50, (t*0.99%80+t%a)+b //harmony with kick
207 !
(11.10KB, 240x240)
pretty please?
359 !
(1.09MB, 1920x3026)
"23-character dubstep" - hehe, can be shortened to t&t>>12|t/(t&t>>12), now it's 19-character dubstep :)
Also, dubstep by krcko (t&t>>12)*(t>>4|t>>8) has 21 character
Oh, that detective theme was good!
The player is very slow and can not cope with this brainfuck, suddenly.
> t>>4+t%34|t>>5+t%(43+(4<t/7777%8?3:0))|t/4|t/8%32+3
> can be shortened
Oh, thank you, fixed.
> binary cycle
> ternary cycle
> octal cycle
Wow, this was really interesting and unexpected! At the maximum zoom the counters are displayed! And the octal one also sounds interesting, like a string strike with an echo. Also, can be minified like 16*(t>>3).toString(8)[t>>3&15].
Oh, thank you for the fix, I didn't notice the broken &g t; markup from the Fun fact, I fixed this in the Non-COS version, but forgot to fix here.
Nice melody with triplet rhythm!
A better version of simple step sequenter, nice.
Oh, your previous remix was completely unoptimized. But in this version you reduced the duration of the song. I would like it to play like in the original.
Here is the fixed song, I changed to this version in the library.
Nice sine echo ambient!
786 !
(120B, 1x1)
797 !
(6.03KB, 220x229)
1056 !
(6.08MB, 192x192)
Well, it's been a while since I've made something really significant

Here it is

I wouldn't expect this to be popular, but at least it is one of my favorite creations that I am really proud of.
1486 !
(137.95KB, 750x920)
Oh, I missed so many of your songs, here and on reddit. Should be added to the library.
Cool compilation of Greaserpirate's techs! One note, unicode characters for variables are not encouraged. It's better practice to use regular characters. you can use big letters, for example.
511 by johanvandegriff, but stereo and with reverb, nice!

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