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(79.68KB, 1130x869)
Hello to the music and programming fans!
This is a thread dedicated to the bytebeat player.

Here I will keep a log of changes, as well as show new formulas and code (my own, or someone else's), which I will add to the player's library list.
(179.77KB, 720x720)
So, the latest changes:

- Added a volume control.
- Now you can click directly on the graph to start or to stop the music playback.
- Library optimization. Now tracks with a large size are hidden under links ► Click to load pretty code, by clicking on which the code is loaded via ajax from files stored on the server.
- Added the [Big code] section with the tracks size of more than 1KB.
- In the [High rate 1k] section, the tracks are now contained in two forms - minimized (in the form of text), and in a readable format (under the link ► Click to load pretty code).
- Added many new tracks and formulas, many of which I have converted into a nice readable look.
- Fixed editor, Tab button now works.
- Like in player from Greggman, you can write abs, sin instead of Math.abs, Math.sin, etc. And you can write int instead of Math.floor.
- Added time counter t = ..., by clicking on which you can reset the time to 0 and start playing from the beginning.
- Speed-up calculations. Now the player can play large code tracks even on mobile phones. However, on weak devices there may still be freezes.
(24.24KB, 600x384)
So, this is an approximate list of songs added during last month. Most of them are taken from, the digital arts site where I found a lot of great stuff.

Creativity of Raphael Goulart. This is my favorite bytebeat author, his works are incredible!
All his songs are written according to the tracker principle. I studied the code of these three songs for a long time, and optimized them worked on performance, rewrote the repetitive code into common instruments functions such as a saw, triangle, square, and also got rid of some bugs related to global variables that conflicted when changing from one song to another. Songs almost stopped hanging on ordinary hardware.
- bossabeat (source) - A dreamy Brazilian bossa-nova that brings you a nostalgia to you like you've just watched a beautiful anime.... ♥
- bytefunk (source) - Funky stylish gangsta song.
- shy smile (source) - This song carries the cute anime nostalgia mood like bossabeat above. But here are involved more sophisticated technologies, such as complicated frequency modulation. The size is huge, so this is the link ot the code file.
- the cute bytebeast ^o^ (source) - One of the first works of Raphael, sounds like it could be a theme for a character on an NES game almost.

Jimmyoshi - great author from, one of the founders of tracker-like bytebeat. His code is so huge! Some people have complained that Jimmyoshi's songs cannot be played because of freezes, but only rendered.
- Spring Fever (source) - this could be a great title track for the NES game! The code for this song is so large that I provide it as a link to the code file. Even now this song can freeze on weak machines in my player.

Funute - the first author from who implemented FM in his songs by modelling a sound chip functuions.
- frequency machine (source) - Cool 90s music which simulates FM sound functions off the YM2612 used in the Sega Mega Drive.
- tiny rave (source) - 90s music and FM synthesis braintech also.

- Bit-Shift Melodies (source) - Catchy song from Savestate, A lot of bit shifts!

Family of bytebeat songs from Bp1033. Starting with a simple square waveforms, he created tracker sequencer code, making it more complex by adding various instruments such as triangle, FM synth and delay effect. Also, a very original idea to calculate notes by multiplying them sequentially by a factor.
- the proto-version (source)
- a sequencer type thing (source) - I like the chiptune arpeggio instrument here, I finally figured out how to make it. I'll take it on board and try to write my own tracker song based on this code!
- a song in a half baked pseudo-mml format (source)
- now its FM synth (source)
- triangle kick drum and snare (source)
- random bytebeat thing with delay effect (source) - I like the echo here. The solution is extremely simple, just copy the tool code with an offset.
- bytebeat song 06-15-2021 (source) - At the moment, this is the last song from the author. A perky, cheerful track with a lot of triplets, which makes it unusual. And I already recognize his style here - snapping hi-hats. :)

- Impromptu (source) - Sick jazzy stuff from Radnyx, Custom text-tracker format, a lot of instruments!

- my headache generator (source) - oscillator madness from frantic,

Songs by Argarak, author from
- pcm.modshape.wv) (source) - stylish techno song, a lot of waveshaping synths and FM. Also, a while after playing the song starts to slow down, then speed up, then play the reverce way around. Cool feature!
- phase byte (source) - minimalist song, also lots of phase modulation

- Takitjää (source) - a Finnish piano lesson with FM-stuff and note sequence tables by Lia,

- War Tradition (source) - a generative approach based off of Euclidean rhythms, and is loosely inspired by west African music. By Petet,

- weirdo boy (source) - dramatic loop by Romash,

Different cool bytebeats by SArpnt, from reddit:
- 511 - remix of 'arpeggiator fun' - this is johanvandegriff's remix of arpeggiator_fun, bytebeat by SArpnt. Both tracks are great!
- menacing (source) - this loop sounds really menacing!
- Sync noise synth (source)
- charCodeAt (source)
- shredder (song, not just a terrible noise) (source)
- buzzy grindy beat (source)

- Cool waveform i guess (source) - by 1583736, from reddit

Family of similar bytebeats by Neverforgettoleave, from reddit. Uses a simple step sequencer technology:
- simple step sequencer (source)
- 32 steps (source)
- pentatonics (source)
- Turbo Pentatonics (source)

- son of a glitch (source) - short no-js bytebeat by Xaser, from
(40.22KB, 978x740)
(63.85KB, 1031x261)
Found on reddit and added to my library today:

Raphael Goulart, my fav author from posted on reddit
Fortnite Default Dance in Bytebeat (source)

by InfinitySnapz
Sunset (source) - dramatically sounding arpegiators that change their frequency
rain (source) - rain noise and drops sounds. Interesting effects!

by RealZynx92
cool loop i guess (source) - sure, cool loop! Also the algorithm of defining notes and the arpeggiator is similar to Bp103's.
remix of 'I hear the long meowing of a cat :)' (source) - wow, I can't believe someone use my formulas for remixes :D
2-bit song (source) - three instruments in such short expression - kick, bass, and lead!
the 69 melody (source)

by spikkks
Vl-Tone Rock 1 rhythm emulation (source) - simple, but rhythmic beat.

by kOLbOSa_exe
cool sinusoidal beat (some parts bring from "no limit") (source) - I like how this sound progresses over time
wow that was pretty cool (source)
some cool thingy here (source) - the sound is a bit silly, but wow, just look at the beautiful fiery sin-waveform on the scope, second picture!
(83.16KB, 1035x871)
Latest changes for 2021.10.16:
- New advanced style with indigo color scheme. The interactive elements are prettier now.
- The site now displays correctly on mobile devices.
- The structure of playlists has been rebuilt. Added separators between songs, changed "load pretty code" buttons.
- The project was forked by SArpnt, one of the bytebeat enthusiasts from Reddit, and now he is developing his own fork. I took a lot of optimization changes from there: now drawing is faster and in a synchronous scale without shifts, reduced the number of lags and freezes. Added selector for Floatbeat mode and Signed Bytebeat mode. The tunes like "Longline Theory" were actually written for the Signed Bytebeat and sound much better now. I already have found new Floatbeat songs, will add to the library soon!
- Added Stop and Clear button for more convenience.
- Added a button to enlarge the code editing area. Now it can be expanded to almost the entire screen height.
- Added primitive protection to prevent the creation of links containing unwanted or unsafe js code such as alerts or manipulations with page content.
(19.34KB, 960x800)
Fire (max zoom).gif
(124.55KB, 520x243)
LSD (max zoom).gif
(184.00KB, 520x252)
Found on reddit and added to my library today, 2021.10.17:

by RealZynx92
probably the best song i ever made (source) - The track has a wistful introduction. Very stylish music, suitable for some cyberpunk game!
another cool loop i guess (source) - A very cool brooding song with an arpeggiator. I love arpeggiators! And this is already a rather complex composition, in contrast to mass spam in r/bytebeat ;)
dubstep_thingy (source) - Sounds very similar to Crude Sinevawe Dubstep by Gabriel Miceli
cool dubstep song (source) - I am surprized. After an interesting intro, a real cool mess begins! Despite the short expression, there is a very long period music that really looks like a dubstep!
non-javascript 8khz song, turned out pretty good (source) - Sounds like Modem melody (by Krcko)
remix of stephanshi's trance beat (source) - hehe, nice :)

by GDPlayer_1035
sequencer (source) - Octave note extraction, pure sine waves
chiptune engine v1 (source) - A simple melody created by iterating over the values in an array! Contains a noise and square instruments.
test1 (source) - The base on which the track above is built.
test2 (source)
test3 (source) - Interesting noizy thing
fire (max zoom) (source) - Look at the max zoom, very beautiful motions! I even recorded a GIF for this post, attached picture 2. I made some LSD trip from this (look also at max zoom)!
thing (source) - RIP headphone users!
thing 2 (source) -The sound is terrible, but I like how this sinusoid multiplies, divided into squares and intersects with its clones. Trigonometrical madness.
printer (source) - Looks like in a couple of minutes the printer is blowing the whole office apart!

by kOLbOSa_exe
i currently dont have any subjects... (for this) (source)
electric guitar (source)

by Jay-Arnett-97104
Sine Music v2 (source) - short sinewave loop
(38.96KB, 1032x741)
(23.44KB, 1200x960)
- Swithced to AudioWorklet. Worklets aren't allowed to handle DOM, so now some security issues are solved. Now the code entered by user does not have access to the document.
- Accelerated rendering performance.
- Buttons now use SVG. More beautiful buttons and page styling.
- The library has been sorted. Added descriptions and links to some songs, fixed nicknames.
(33.39KB, 450x277)
Recently added from r/bytebeat on reddit:

by Bp103
- Learned how to do functions, now I have an efficient delay effect [source] - It should definitely be in the library! Such a lullaby for the night, I am delighted with this work! So soothing ... I felt some kind of vibe of music from minecraft, I don't know why.
- non-js bytebeat thing that resembles music if you squint your ears [source] - meditative thing. I did refactoring for this formula (removed extra parenthesis and so on) and just added |t>>3 at the end for simple rhythm. The result is a rhythmic slightly hypnotizing sound. I even got a little stuck in meditation.

by RealZynx92
- get stickbugged lol [source] - Cover to stickbugged meme ( It turned out very similar!
- remix of "The time is running out!" by StephanShi [source] [original] - Wow, nice drums!
- Also, I made a remix of this remix! [source] (Original formula plus modified kick & snare).
- In turn, RealZynx92 remixed my remix of his remix - it turned out to be a broken beat or Drum'n'Bass!
- '2-bit song' hardcore remix [source] [original] - What a super POWERful sqrt beat!
- cool waveform [source]
- having fun with square waves [source] - A continuation of '2-bit song' hardcore remix. The sqrt kick is a little quieter here. I like the meditativeness of the ringing melody.

by GDPlayer_1035
- atari styled bass [source] - cool atari sound, I like how it progresses over time with long period. The pattern is specified by a string.
- helicopter [source]
(16.02KB, 1200x990)
(55.71KB, 1032x830)
(4.49KB, 277x37)
Oh, I forgot to list the last changes. So,

- Editable timer counter (picture 3). When click on the counter, the playback stops. When press Enter after editing, the playback resumes from the specified time.
- New button to reset the timer (picture 3).
- Switcher for timer counter measurement units (picture 3). Switches measurement between real time seconds and t variable.
- New drawing mode - "Waveform". Draws continuous line through points of the sound graph. Useful on max zoom scope.
- Zoom scope value and drawing mode now stored in localStorage and saved when the tab is closed.
- Redrawed editor expand button.
- Fixes: rendering on high scales, big and infinite timer values, animations on inactive tab, height for buttons, width for editor.

Also added new "Floatbeat" playlist with new floatbeat songs found on the internet! (picture 2).
Beautiful floatbeat music by Wiebe-Marten Wijnja. These songs are big and contain a lot of instruments, explained in great detail in the comments:
- Focus (Super Hexagon) - Cool song with a strong drums beat. Accelerates with each play!
- Please Exist - Love this song! So quiet and brooding bass, and these bells are ringing so meditatively... Listened on replay for several hours while working.
- Predestined Fate - Also interesting chiptune song.
- Game of Thrones theme - A recognizable theme from the well-known TV-series.

Some tracks by lehandsomeguy: Floatbeat test, Drone, Trippy test, Pretentious Ryoji Ikeda and others..
(26.93KB, 1200x675)
Floatbeat format assumes code output is −1.0 to 1.0, while usual bytebeat expects 0 to 255. Basically, floatbeat code can be converted and played as bytebeat, and vice versa:
floatbeat = (bytebeat - 127.5) / 127.5
bytebeat = floatbeat * 127.5 + 127.5

But there will be differences in sound! The differences start in signal processing. The bytebeat code is converted to the range from 0 to 255 like this:
output = value & 255

output = 0 & 255 = 0
output = 0.5 & 255 = 0
output = 100 & 255 = 100
output = 100.2 & 255 = 100
output = 255 & 255 = 255
output = 256 & 255 = 0
output = 300 & 255 = 44
output = 300.99 & 255 = 44

So, bytebeat signal has a limited range of only 256 values. I.e. 8 bit, or 1 byte. That's why it called BYTEbeat.
On the other side, floatbeat is of very high quality because it is limited only by the double precision floating point data type, and in the range from -1 to 1 it has an almost infinite number of floating point values:
output = -0.1
output = 0.004
output = 5.5e-7

That is, if you convert floatbeat as bytebeat = floatbeat * 127.5 + 127.5 then when playing in bytebeat mode there will be a loss of sound quality and you can notice the unwanted noise. It can be very noticeable on some quiet songs. Listen for 'Please Exist' converted to bytebeat mode and compare with original in >>19, you can hear artifacts on the beginning of the song.
(17.33KB, 480x223)
Recently added from r/bytebeat on reddit:

- cool loop that only has "t", "4" and math operators in the code (source)
- remix of 'first bytebeat remixed' by NewFall2020 (source)
- fm synth, i guess...? (source) - What a sad melody...
- better remix of "The time is running out!" by StephanShi (source) - At first it was way simplier than your previous remix, but after 47 second the cool beat starts! It became interesting how timers are implemented. I recignized that ((t>>15)%32==15) is responsible for random-like drop, and t&524288 is for kick beat. Nice work!
- 1-bit song (source) - Haha, I like how there maked a PWM-like squarewave just by adding &64 at the end!

- first bytebeat remixed (source)
- When Bytebeat has a Harmony v2 (source) - Nice array song! Liked the complex sawtooth waveform at max zoom!

- "Welcome to robotTown" (source) - fork of code by Viznut, interesting version with pauses.
- "Warpnig timeline" - Slowed down, PWM changing version of G minor bach + noise (source) - I liked this remix of G minor bach, it came out with a very dramatic old school sound.
- "Drifting electricity" - fork of "electrohouse" by "Anonymous from russian imageboards"
- "Electrohouse2"

- ÿ&& (source) - A beautiful sinusoid that appears and disappears at max zoom.
- OUR task is infinity (source) - It looks like soldiers marching to a weird 8-bit anthem :)

Interesting small code loops (source):
I like these three different versions of the waveform!
(25.34KB, 551x310)
The library has changed last days.

- All songs now sorted by date, from oldest at top to newest at bottom. Groups of songs by one author now placed in list by oldest one.
- New library sections structure: [Classic] now contains only C-compatible code that compiles successfully in the C compiler. Of course, this does not guarantee correct reproduction in C, but I plan to do a more thorough check. [JS code] contains all other code that works in JS players, is compact in size and does not need to be transferred to a file. [JS big code] - all the large code or the code for which a formatted version exists. Also, added minified versions for songs with compressed size less than 1kb.
- All songs now have original versions (I searched and add every single one of it, sic!), and minified versions if possible (even with difference for one character). Minified code shown by default. If it impossible to minify code, then original version shown.
- In [JS big code] sections, now added "original" and "minified" buttons to play original and minimized code versions.
- If the song is a remix, the source is indicated if possible.
(224.62KB, 1015x712)
(20.03KB, 450x246)
Pointing out the songs that were added to the library in January and were not mentioned here:
- tuned_phase time_modulation by argarak from - Cool big techno song with phase synthesis. Initially this track was not intended to be played in JS players, and also used its own sound output, so I had to fix it and make my own version. Also it has a feature, after a certain time, the track changes its playback speed, like other argarak's tracks.

From r/bytebeat on reddit:
by Danidanijr
- ByteSongg (source) - Great work and nice synths! Reminds me some kind of Scooter song, really.

by NewFall2020
- Awesome level - Remixed (source) - Cool remixes of my "Awesome Level" songs with drums and bass! I even don't know which one is better, they all awesome:
- Awesome level #2 Remix (source)
- Awesome level #3 fanmade (source)
- TIRO remixed again (source) - These remixes of remixes of my "The time is running out!" sounds better and better! Just compare how the my original (source) goes trough this (source), and this remix added the bass! Super, yellow star from me!
- TIRO Remixed#5 (source) - Another one remix.
- TIRO Remixed#5.1 (source) - Oh, that was a good challenge!

by getDolphinedLol
- thing (source) - I like the hypnotizing effect of this short formula.
- floppy spinner :) (source) - Funny cheesy sound for old retro game :)
- bomb huhn (made by experimenting with Rabid Symphony) (source) - Heh, fun! Some familiar melody, I just can't remember.
- sounds so emotional... (16k Hz) (source) - Interesting sawtooth melody, I like classic formulas. But I like classic in 8kHz :)
- Bots (44100 Hz) (source) - I like these robotic sounds. I even hear some techno echoes!
- ⌬ (Signed Bytebeat) (source) - Cool waveform at max zoom! Like sinusoid, but from squares. And comes from so simple formula.
- - (44100 Hz) (source) - Turn on the waveform mode and set max zoom. These braiwaves can hypnotize you.
- Ice Age (32k Hz) (source) - Oh, I really like this tune! Has very short code and reminds me of some game from the NES console.
- Blobfish Party (source) - Haha, funny! Derpy bytebeat :)

by Decent-Manager-6169
- Red Green Blue 4 (source) - a wonderful cover of chiptune song from Undertale game.
- Weird Thingy Music (source)
- Weird Thingy Music 2 (source) - I like how his code is made up of chunks that add up at the end.
- Recreated Stimmer (source) - Sounds absolutely identical as original Stimmer, but in JS! Also, here are interesting remixes of Stimmer:
- stimmer but square and sawtooth are swap (source)
- Stimmer (Sine Edition) (source)
- stimmer but its all sawtooth (source)
- stimmer but its all square (source)
- stimmer but its all triangle (source)

by RealZynx92
- floatbeat thingy (source) - kinda fanni derp melody in floatbeat format, also RealZynx92 made cool drums as always!
- "wow that was pretty cool" (by @kOLbOSa_exe) remixed (source) - I like this dangerous tune.

by _elevate__
- the 42 melody but array and with a different waveform (source) - a famous bytebeat formula recreated with javascript array? Waveform sounds cool because of limitations 0 to 255. The sine go beyond, and get distortion. If you put a sine wave inside the limits, it will sound clean
Code higlighting.jpg
(210.48KB, 1032x872)
Points mode.jpg
(204.95KB, 1033x507)
Waveform mode.jpg
(174.60KB, 1031x504)
- As you may have noticed since january, the editor has been using the highlighting of JS code. (Picture 1)
- You can highlight pairs of brackets - now it's easier to navigate in large bracket expressions.
- Double clicking on an expression allows you to highlight the same parts of the code or to find all matches of the variable you need.
- By pressing Ctrl+F, you can search in the code, even through regular expressions.
- A line counter has appeared on the left side of the editor, in which you can collapse code blocks, such as functions.
- As noticed >>28, better waveform visualization. When using the Waveform mode at large scales, all vertical lines merge into one background. And to distinguish them from drawing in Point mode, this background is now drawn in a more gray color. Now its more visual to track signal levels on the chart at large scales. Compare the Picture 2 with Points mode, and Picture 3 with Waveform mode.
- Better errors handling. Now, if there is an error, the line and symbol where the error occurred are indicated. Now there are two kinds of errors: compilation error when the track cannot be played, and a playback error that occurred at a certain point in time, but the track can continue to play.
(23.15KB, 612x382)
Ahoy, my friends! Here a new portion of songs in my library! Most of them are from r/bytebeat, but some are from visitors of this board. And there are many more formulas to listen to and add!

Songs from reddit:
by Decent-Manager-6169
- Sine Music Test 1 (source) - Sine song with a simple melody. Even stuck a little while listening. Also, interesting noise drum section.
- An Escaped War Or Something (source) - A lot of work has been done! A beautiful sad song, like from some post-apocalyptic action game. Also it is long, and after 95 seconds a powerful sqrt beat starts!
- Stimmer but with Hihat and Crash (source) - The author has created a lot of stimmer remixes, here's another one.
- Melody Of Im Blue (with drums) (source) - A cool cover for Eiffel 65 - Blue song.
- Completely Reverse of "rrrola" (source) - I like rrola's formula, and the reverse also sounds good.
- Sine Melody (source) - This melody sounds like a lullaby, or a music box. Calming...
- literally don't know the name (source) - Cool synth! The chords are made from two notes at the same time. Can be the intro for some old game.
- Never gonna give you up (source) - Rickrolled! The song is written by wavebeat player that gives an extremely unoptimized code, so I optimized the song.
- short simple music (source) - Nice melody!

by _elevate__
- Bagpipes or something (source) - Hypnotizing thing.
- squsinsaw music (source) - Wow, I missed such a cool track! It's already a full sequencer song with different instruments. Also, powerful snare! Good work, nice for some old game.

by RealZynx92
- happy floatbeat melody (source) - So chilling... So relaxing...
- something i made while experimenting with my own remix of TIRO (source) - Nice dreamy loop turned out. Echoes, Slow rhythm, powerful drums. I like!
- zynx92 type beat remixed (source) - Mix of getDolphinedLol track based on earlier RealZynx92's works.

by NewFall2020
- Neurofunk remixed (source) - The first Neurofunk remix! Drums section added.

by Bp103
- they're getting closer (source) - At first I did not somehow understand, but then I understood! Listened to this song longer, it progresses and sounds really cool! I hear a powerful kick drum and a lot of cool harmonics. Very unexpected tune.

by Diicorp95
- The rings (source) - What a beautiful patterns come out! Like a carpet on the floor, or tiles in the kitchen. Also I make the rings more visible, even in waveform mode.
- o$c1ll4tör remixed (source) - this formula makes my brain vibrate, hehe.
- Duck hunt (source) - Funny quacking non-js sound.

by getDolphinedLol
- Shredder Vol. 2 (source) - I like this squelchy analog sound.
- funky remix of "the time is running out!" (source) - Yet another remix of TIRO.
- fitebeat (source) - Nice loop!
- 65536 (source) - Nice bass synth!
- goose melody (source) - Funny array melody :)
- the danger zone (source) - Small array code, nice!
- ARRAY 11025HZ SONG (source) - Another small array loop with random() drums.
- funny boi (source) - Looks like a simplier variation of Ctrl+V song.
- Ctrl+V (source) - Hehe, getDolphinedLol is good at funny ringtones!
- pootis (source) - Yet one small loop.
- -PWM MUISC- (source) - Interesting, 10*random() is just for background noise?
- something cool (source)
- i put a whole bag of jellybeans up my ass (source) - The loop is good, but I'm not sure about the name.
- chocolate chip bytebeat code (source) - Wow, t/=4.7,sin(t>>3)*t>>4-like parts gives an awesome chiptune noises! And using noises as array elements is a good idea, you can get interesting patterns with this.
- ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) (source) - This sound loop is completely like from some 8bit game. sin(t>>3) parts are so good idea.
- kinda funni remix of "the time is running out! (by StephanShi)" (source) - Nice variation of TIRO.
- grogrogilla (source) - Yet another nice 8bit-like loop! Also, the last comma in array is unnecessary.
- taiko drums (source) - His loops sounds better and better. I added a lot of getDolphinedLol's formulas to the library.
- snaerasrakd (source)

Songs from btb discussion threads:
by kOlbOSa_exe from >>27
- i made new waveform, or this is a sinusoidal abuse? - Nice short loop!

by Arch0474 from >>32
- Demporal Tisturbance - Such a warm sound. Sierpinski gives a recognizable sound and harmonics. I like.

by lhphr from >>44
- madnessdescent{offset} - Oh, my brain is melted after that, lol.
- idk it's "t%" - Nice sound progression, and at the same time such a short classic non-js 8kHz formula.
- :arp - Beautiful major progression.
- processings - An interesting industrial sound, as if someone is playing a drum kit under the blades of a helicopter.
- Unnecessary-ARPEG
- Unnecessary-ARPEG.drm - Oh, I see two instruments here, an arpeggiator and crazy drums.
- Numbers Not In Sight - I like this concept with no digits. Also, sounds nice!
- %ral - Cool low-frequency buzz.
- delchor - Oh, I like these mysterious alien chords! The best from lhphr.
(2.61MB, 1200x675)
New songs posted on and added to library:

by lhphr
from >>50:
- oddsine - Interesting simple sine loop.
- genreframe - Very strange sound effect and some kind of melody.
- HAZEHOUSE - An odd way to change the tempo multiplying by fraction t*=11/12.
- Unnecessary-ARPEG.hc - Hardcore tempo! Also sounds interesting at 22kHz.
- CBRT-FILE R00TZ - Crazy schizo song, reminds me the creativity of Cyriak.
from >>53:
- Paradigm Contacter - A whole noise song. I like this noisy madness.
from >>54:
- sine of power - It turned out an interesting sound.
- octave transition - Wow, just look at the waveform at the max zoom! Also this sounds pleasant to ears.
- Duotrigottogon - A powerful sqrt kicks made by ** power. The song is good at 11k also.
- The Evaluator - Oh, he mastered the eval(unescape(escape technique too. Cool song! A lot of instruments, nice chiptune sound.
- TTT (The Tonal Tone) - A beautiful dark chords appear at first. I like that gothic atmosphere! And then come arpeggiators and even echoes. The best his song. Yellow star, definetely.
- ᓯᑯ ᓯᓚ ᑖᖅᑐᒥ ᐆᒻᒪᑦ - Very strange sounds, to be honest, but there is something in it.

by PortablePorcelain from >>55:
- creepy droning static thing - I like this sine-noise weird drone effect. Also I see a beautiful sine trnsforms at max zoom.
- remix of ripthisentry.txt tune 3 - raphaelgoulart's thing with drums
- 1fccccf1 - A nice squarewave bass comes at first.
- Doom E1M1 theme recreation - Oh, my youth memories! Cool pc-speaker-like cover!
(300.97KB, 1033x871)
(154.36KB, 1032x502)
(83.91KB, 1032x502)
(90.09KB, 1031x498)
As you may have noticed, new buttons and features have been added recently. So:

- The "Sample rate" selector is now editable.
- Added "Fast play" and "Fast reverse" buttons. Each click doubles the speed, up to 8.
- Added the "Copy link" button.
- Better "Recording" button.
- Added the "Reverse play" button.
- The page now has semantic elements to navigate with keyboard (Tab / Shift+Tab).
- Lazy onclick loading for song libraries.
- Script globals and prototypes now cant be changed from the editor.
- Correct playing for eval(unescape(escape-like code.
- Incorrect values now filled with red color on the scope.
- Fixed freezes on errors while playing.
- Using of half-width canvas on phones.
Recently added songs:

- "The Flower Festival" by Jimmyoshi. This beautiful song is too big to post the link here. The song is horribly unoptimized and is capable of blowing any computer even at 8Hz sample rate. That's why I set up it at 4kHz. If I have time, I will try to optimize this song so that it can be played at 8Hz.

Songs by lhphr
from >>61:
- CRZstep - Reminds me the "Crude Sinewave Dubstep" by Gabriel Miceli.
- Retrixtaria - There is some special charm in small rates. Also, the song can be easily scaled up to 32k by adding t/=8, and the sound will be clear. But it won't be that lo-fi song anymore.
- Intra - A short but interesting formula that gives a melody.
- Positronomia - The tune is a little weird, but that micro-tonal sine generator sounds cool. I was smiled at the place where the melody was cut off and distorted.
from >>66:
- wvConstruct - Nice waveform at max zoom.
- $ine $tabilizer - Beautiful dancing PWM in the scope at max zoom while "krcko" / "Crude Sinewave Dubstep" tune playing.
- $ine Ðecrement - More melodic version, nice! Also reminds me dubstep_thingy by RealZynx92.
- t% funk - A cool beat! Also after 262 second it suddenly changes :)
- tempotacular!!! - Cool madness! An awesome idea to change the sample rate during the playback. Reminiscent of folk dances, when the tempo accelerates and the guests dance until they fall. It's a pity the song is not looped, I got a real stuck while listening, had to press reset.
- Nocturnizf - Oh, what a powerful beats, however!
- Byte Me A Beat - Niceee! The feeling of the Prodigy the music of my childhood, as well as the 90s raves. I hear the FM modulation calculations here. It is already a full track with a well-developed composition.
from >>69:
- sketchy reverb attempt - What a cool slide effect! The generator changes the frequency while playing the note. I will also use this technique. The instrument resembles either a guitar or an organ. Also, cool gothic chords, I love such atmospheric tracks. Don'r run this code at Chrome, only in Firefox. I will have to look and find out what the problem.
- Pyramid Dungeon - An arabic 42 melody variation.
- waver - The sine wave generator here sounds like someone is blowing into a water pipe, hehe.
- s.i.t.e. (synth in the emptiness) - An interesting implementation of the echo mechanism, through filling the array. Will have to figure it out.
- Fractalized Past - This classic formula is valid and can be compiled in C. Very impressive sound as for a classic formula. I like this tune!
- FLⱯR3Z0NE - Yeah, this electrohouse theme kicks. Nice minor chords, I was stuck a little!
- Time Is A Suggestion - Cool non-t hack! Well, the idea is roughly clear, we need to return values, and no matter how, so we can simply initialize and increment another variable, this.a??=0,a+=1 in this case. And I found a feature! If to play the song backwards, it will play as usual! Because we are not tied to time, but use own variable.
- trig - Rave chords, cool!
(6.34KB, 480x253)
by maj-6
- Something New (source) - I really like this tune. And it's cool that notes and chords are generate mathematically. This is a good challenge! And the melody is really nice, with a nostalgic vibe.
- "Something New" using functions (source) - A minimal example of "Something New" using functions
- advanced technology (source) - Wow, what a jaw-dropping banger track! Cool Arabic harmony! I especially liked the transitions to a higher key at 108 and 162 seconds, and so on. But after 2000-3000 seconds it starts to go out of line, and distortions appear. Also, recommend to listen with good headphones. Again, musical harmony is calculated and arrays aren't used. Here a link to the beginning of our discussion, who are interested.

by HypernovaHeathen
- Plaate (source) - Some code I found yet in a legendary pouet thread
- 8-Bit Ajaxzit (source) - Big complex track with powerful drums but weird harmony and chords. But I found beauty in this music.

by lhphr
- something something reverb (source) - The reverb algorithm version of "trig" without drums.

by argarak
Some cool sound effects (source):
- fm blippy (source)
- neeeiiiuummm filter

by Baron Knoxburry
- getting better at this stuff (source) - A weird song with fm synths and nice percussions

by Radnyx
- Multi-voice ByteBeat - One of the earliest big bytebeat song on

by Decent-Manager-6169
- something music (source) - Strange variable names. But good major chords.
- Still Don't Know The Name (source) - A remix of Chasyxx remix of G minor Bach
- unnamedsong1 (source) - Nice chords! It would be a good intro to a bigger song!

by NewFall2020
- the remixed^6 remastered (source) - Oh, TIRO remixes are getting bigger and bigger!

by baenhohoho
- Noisy Beats but only stereo (source) - Classic bytebeat but in stereo, nice!
- chomik (source) - An unexpectedly long song! It was interesting to wait and listen to what effects will appear next!
- fijsdfrdifjfred (source) - Nice loop with distorted sine wave!

by getDolphinedLol
- combination Fanfare + CA98 (source) - Melodic C formula.
- Vegal A N G E R Y (source) - Oh, I recognize the getDolphinedLol's sin(t>>n) style drums! Nice loop! Reminds me of some industrial sound, A working mechanism in a factory.
- funni music (source) - Funny loop :) Reminds me his previous Ctrl+V song

by PortablePorcelain
- Gabriel Miceli's "Techno" but the melodies are on opposite ears (Stereo only) (source) - Nice, some stereo songs need to be in library.
- Stimmer but the melodies are on opposite ears (source) - Good old Stimmer in stereo.
(434.47KB, 1674x868)
- Bytebeat composer now supports stereo!
All you need is an output array [] with two channels, left and right. For example:
Left channel has green waveform in the scope, and right has magenta.
Stereo songs now marked with "Stereo" tag in the library.

- Wide mode available for 1440px screens and wider. In this mode, the text editor is now expanded to the maximum height, and the song library is located on the right.
(43.54KB, 2000x1000)
Several weird hallucinations songs by HypernovaHeathen.
- Before J.C.D. (source) - Cool mystical chords. A heap of sounds merge into an interesting harmony.
- C. Allen Type Beat (source) - More mystical harmony, more hallucinations. Bytebit Interstellar, I like this!
- The Best Bytebeat Song I Made! (source) - An interesting drums pattern and complete disharmony.
- I've Come To Make An Announcement (source) - Microtonal intervals, disharmony and chaos.
- Bytebeat But It Actually Breaks The Laws Of Physics (source)
- GetDolphinedLOL's Bytebeat Creations But Their Badly Remixed (from >>89) - Hehe, nice remix of GetDolphinedLOL songs!

by Anonymous (from >>82)
- I have made a thing #1
- I have made a thing #2
Both are very pleasant to listen!

by PortablePorcelain
- TIRO remix (from >>80) - Sounds nice, but the transition at 47 seconds, which was in the previous remix iteration, was lost.
- remix of crude sinewave dubstep (from >>82) - Energetic music with all known Crude Dubstep.
- super creepy tornado sound effect with EAS included (from >>82) - Really creepy track. I'm not a US resident and I don't know what US alert sounds like, but the hurricane sounds are realistic! I even got scared a bit.
- Second remix of Wiretapped (from >>83)
- bassline remix (from >>83)
- "squsinsaw" remix (from >>86) - Original "squsinsaw" is one of my favorite songs. It seems to be so simple and derpy, but it stuck in my head so much. And PortablePorcelain made the sound cleaner by changing the instruments to sines and squares. But with the lower bass it sounds better, like the original.

by lhphr
from >>87:
- reverb multi - Great, he keep improving his reverb function. Low drone sound seem to be out of key, creating disharmony. Although, on the other hand, I can catch a certain funk in this.
from >>88:
- 8D269D3933E700 - Crude Sinewave Dubstep on drugs! Got a little stuck in this.
- the lone system - Cosmic sounds are reflected in the void of the universe...
- Fidelity Tweak - Nice lo-fi effect.
- - Cool chords, combined with the echo is very unusual. Reminds me a bit of the soundtracks from Mass Effect.
- 3DIAL - Schizo thing.
- uni Firaz - Sounds good at 32k also.
- Sinusoid Pusher - At first sounds just like usual Crude Sinewave Dubstep with drums, but then gets interesting.
- T!me Tr!al - An interesting song.
- T!me Tr!al EX - Nice! After 107 and 214 seconds it changes, other speeds and patterns apply. It is a pity that this song cannot be rewound, as it does not depend on time.
(164.61KB, 1662x868)
(14.06KB, 519x69)
- Play and fast-play buttons are combined.
- Fast play counter now can be increased up to 64.
- Fonts are bigger now.
- Control elements now stretch as the screen resizes.
- Fixed CSS margins and paddings.
- Dark scrollbars in Chrome.
(148.35KB, 1023x882)
Hello my friends, I'm back. It would be necessary to add what was interesting over the past year. In the meantime, I need to post here a list of songs that I added on summer 2022:

by Senzou4770
- Cool arpeggio I made (source) - Simple but nostalgic tune. Feels like 80's atmosphere. I enjoyed!
- Another long bytebeat arpeggio (source) - So nostalgic and warm tune! Like previous, but more complex. Love these beautiful sawtooth chords.
- Minor Frere Jaques (source) - I heard Frère Jacques earlier, this is a famous medieval song, but never heard it in minor. And the triangular generator sounds like a medieval organ. Interesting! PS. Found a bug, after 315 seconds the melody corrupts.

by RealZynx92
- i made a remix! (source) - A remix of Cool waveform i guess by 1583736.
- i bet nobody has thought of using cbrt (source) - Funky cubic square tune! Nice!

by Decent-Manager-6169
- can someone remix my bytebeat again? (source) - I like the original, it's primitive, but good. Here my remix of his bytebeat.
- Short Music 001 (source) - Simple array sawtooth code, but good melody.
- Short Music 002 (source) - Nice sawtooth loop!

by getDolphinedLol
- music ...yes (source) - Funny song, hehe. getDolphinedLol was good at funny songs. Why he deleted his account? Well, my library remembers, at least.
- the teem is rooning out (source) - The code is different, but it is still a remix of TIRO.
- PsOt iT nO rDeDiT (source) - getDolphinedLol was good at funny derp tunes!
- a$$ music (source) - Seems this is a remix of his Vegal A N G E R Y
- i think i just commited a crime (source) - Interesting effects!
- pamper poopers (source) - Funny loop! Croaking toads dancing in the swamp.

by baenhohoho
- sparta remix is stuck in my head now (source) - Haha, fun! Also, trigonometric functions return NaN values, the scope is all red.

by Chasyxx
- Game (C R O S S) (source) - A remix of Vegal A N G E R Y by getDolphinedLol, added squarewave instrument.

by neverforgettoleave
- simple step sequencer (source) - A song from 2020

by GDPlayer_1035
- sin function test (source) - An interesting delay effect!

by kOLbOSa_exe
- hell rock (source) - Cool noise beat!
(103.84KB, 900x515)
- I Wanna Byte You by kleeder - super cute song, 1st place at Summer Chip XII competition in bytebeat category. Converted from 0cc-Famitracker JSON export into bytebeat code through converter, just like raphaelgoulart's songs.
- tridecagon sequence by argarak - track in own recognizable IDM style from argarak
- THE MOTHERLODE by by Greaserpirate - Very beautiful ambient cyberpunk music! The author reproduced the Ganke NEO song. Thanks to the author for introducing me to such interesting music.
- Some bytebeat I made for the "Lovebyte Turbo" entry at Evoke demoparty by Dresdenboy (>>220) - An evil tune from an interesting demoparty event.
- Trash Remix of Cant Help Falling in Love by Decent-Manager-6169 (source) - Nice cover! Also, well minimized.
- Final Remix Of "The Time Is Running Out!" by ciferidn (source) - Nice TIRO remix, hehe! But the intro could have been made shorter so that super kick started earlier.

by PortablePorcelain
- some detective theme (>>109) - Oh, that detective theme was good!
- binary cycle (>>119) - Wow, this was really interesting and unexpected! At the maximum zoom the binary counter is displayed!
- octal cycle (>>119) - The octal counter sounds interesting, like a string strike with an echo.
- We are temporally deficient! (>>136) - Nice melody with triplet rhythm!
- simple step sequencer remix (>>155) - Oh, a better version, nice.
- foldableboldface (>>194) - A remix of by lhphr. Nice sine echo ambient!

by Rio zack
- Namber wan (>>232)
- Namber tu use square wave (>>232) - This and the previous are nice simple formulas. You can use &128 instead of |127, it also gives square wave.
- Sawtooth bass (>>247) - Sawtooth bass synth, I like the warm sound!
- Adding sinewave (>>249) - Nice combo with sine.
- bytesnare (>>254) - Haha, funny combination of classic C formula, and the js code. I especially liked that the song lasts for a long time without repeating itself.
- PWM song (>>259) - Nice bass synth progression!
- Adding beat (>>262) - Hehe, cbrt kick. A cool loop turned out!
- hard life (>>264) - A remix of "-PWM MUISC-" by getDolphinedLol.
- Dum clap clap (>>274) - Oh, known trick to sum up waves with a slight shift, gives a flanger effect. Also nice drums! An interesting way to select drums through an array.
- FM bass such as sega genesis (>>267) - Cool, looks like a doom soundtrack. By the way, I did not study fm-synthesizing at all, you clearly show how to implement it.
- cover kernkraft 400 (>>280) - Haha, the 90s! Nice array cover!
- My new instrumental in new year (>>292) - A warm nostalgic vibe. I really like the tune.

by lhphr
- SynthKillerExecution (source) - This minor song sounds cool! I like how the kick sounds, with a touch of 8-bit mixing. Just wow.
- Feel The Power! (source) - Nice happy song! And what a beautiful echo! The function S=s=>(-s*t&65535)/2**17 implements very beautiful wave-like fadings!
- Δ (>>127) - It has always been surprising to me how soft a triangular waveform sounds compared to a sawtooth waveform. Basically, the triangle is used for bass, but here it sounds in a new quality.
- Penultimate Dawn of Time Stability (>>127) - Oh, no way, a TIRO remix :D Also reminds me of drug dissonanse songs by HypernovaHeathen. I like the sound after 95 seconds!
- WICKED HEXATRNION (>>127) - The kick is cool! Clear and deep! And then there are interesting metal strikes.
- The Unescaper (>>127) - Wow, "The Evaluator" goes to a whole new level! I like the echoes, I like the clean transition after 99 seconds, the transition after 239 seconds. The song is quite long, 360 seconds! Also, I hear noise at the beginning due to bytebeat low accuracy at low values.
- polydimension (>>203) - Remix of "A NΞW DIMΞNSION" by by burlynn n01se. Slowed down and cursed 90-s theme looks like a mix between vaporwave and witch house, lol. Funky remix!
- ESC▲L▲↑OR P▲R↑Y (>>203) - The note sequences seem to be generated, cool!
- bŽk (>>203) - Another generated melody, this one is nice! Looks like this is a further experiment on ESC▲L▲↑OR P▲R↑Y
- Dark Deep (>>203) - someone is brushing their teeth, hehe.
- Sequencemania (>>203) - remix of "simple step sequencer" by neverforgettoleave. And the author were not too lazy to convert array numbers to charcode values? Respect!

Message edited: 19.01.23 Thu 23:18:14
(17.64KB, 1200x900)
Last songs added to the library:

by lhphr
- ghost code (source) - Interesting, music plays but nothing is displayed!
- Reminisce (source) - This song is quite inspired by Something New from maj-6. Just as kind and nostalgic, nice!
- Sineslide) (>>367) - I love that the sound changes all the time, from beats to deep echoes and robotic sounds.
- ÐiskΩtroÑ (>>367) - Nice loop turned out!
- 42-qz (>>367) - Syncopated triple beat sounds cool!
- qai (source) - Somewhat reminiscent of "The Evaluator" by lhpr
- Strato (>>367) - What beautiful chords! Combined with the echo, it really sounds cosmic!
- i-dimensional (source) - Here, nan values play the role of a noise glitch tool. Interesting!
- Awaiting Connection (>>367) - I like this kick. An interesting way to filter hits to make a complex rhythm out of a direct kick.

by Greaserpirate
- Showing off the recombination better (source) - Funky beat! Sounds somewhat like ZX-spectrum beeper.
- I've refined my tools (source) - Cool beat!
- Graceful Ache - The most complex Bytebeat Greaserpirate ever made
- Step sequencer with interpolation - This can be used both for playing arrays/strings with pitch bending, and for any interpolated array lookup.
- a limiter (that also removes offsets) (source) - Useful thing!

by Decent-Manager-6169
- something from pm 6:06 (source) - Oh, seems like medieval dungeon synth for and old game.
- Weebls Stockmarket/Maxwell the Cat Theme (source) - Cute! Even better than original, hehe :D Also liked the instrument that looks like hitting a ceramic mug.
- List of musical scales (source) - Useful list of musical scales and modes
- Cocktail Hour Preview (source) - An interesting technology of custom waveforms construction. Also, funny loop!
- Air Island (source) - Nice loop!

by Chasyxx
- WARP_TUNNEL (source) - The formula changes the sound every 65536 ticks, that is, every 8 seconds.
- Modem melody II (source) - Classic style!
- m4ri (source) - Reminds me some dungeon song in old games. Like a clock is ticking, and now something is about to happen!

Also, Chasyxx made beautiful harmonies for my "Dark Forest":
'057' - sus4 (spaaaace!)
[0,4,7,11] - major 7th (even more explorative!)

by getDolphinedLol
- w (source) - Some elements from the "Game Levels" formulas. Nice loop :)
- f (source) - Sounds like a classic C formula, but groovy!
- h (source) - Another nice loop
- l(ast) (source) - Cool harmony. Also the fading snare (t*(sin(t>>3))*(t>>15&1)&-t>>8&127) is interestingly implemented, where the fading is &-t>>8. Respect!

by Rio zack
- The devil was behind you (>>381) - Cool evil intro for some big song turned out!
- Cool song adding bass (>>384) - Reminds me of some song from 90, can't remember, hehe.

by Glebguything
- a music made in school (source) - Nice synth harmony!
- a robotic voice (source) - A short combination of js and classic bytebeat.

- Meet the Musician by May_I_Change_My_Name (source) - Cute happy tune!
- Remix Of No. 4 by ciferidn (source) - Cool drums!
- combination (Death 1000666ZZ + Street Surfer) by hcdphobe (source) - Crazy bytebeat turned out!
(10.37KB, 410x122)
The player now displays code size (in characters) on the control panel.
(715.25KB, 3000x1500)
Last songs added to the library:

by lhphr
- far echoes (source) - I really liked the Strato, and this is its further development, a beautiful dreamy cosmic song. I like how squarewave starts at 156 seconds, just the magic iridescent sound! What I also like is that the song smoothly transitions to its very beginning with an echo at the end at 310 seconds. The code is not very big, but with a lot of math, with all these fades and cut-offs.

by May_I_Change_My_Name
- 0xBADA441E - Rule 36: If it exists, Bad Apple has been ported to it. Bad Apple in bytebeat! Also respect for stereo and echoes!
- Slowed "Sine Melody" down and added a chord progression (source) - Remix of "Sine Melody" by Decent-Manager-6169. Beautiful chords! Like the ringing of bells.
- Stuck a Sierpinski bassline on "Im Blue" (source) - Remix of "Im Blue" by Decent-Manager-6169.
- blast from the past (source) - The song somewhat recreates the Axel F song.
- BM9 harmony (source) - Remix of miiro's 1-line symphony with BM9 harmony
- Bytebeat Concerto No. 1 (source) - Beautiful classical symphony. Bravo maestro!
- Ievan Bytebeat Polkka (source) - Loituma's Ievan Polkka in bytebeat!
- Remix of "My new instrumental in a new year" (source) - Nice remix! The original is also awesome, this is a more happy sound.

DSP processing code by polyzium

The author is an expert in the field of signal processing theory and have implemented JS-powered in-browser DSP engine. Includes low pass filter and envelope mechanism where you can set attack, decay, sustain, release. Cool!
- 12db lowpass filter (>>114)
- LPF 24dB/oct
- TB303ish
- 303 on a budget

by Bp103
- guitarbeatbyte (source) - I like the generated harmonies. Also the song is different with each new play because of .random().
- Testing stereo (source) - Cool stereo effects.
- ByteCrusher (fm synth and sequencer setup) This is the first time I've seen anyone use console logging.

by Rio Zack
- Square & sawtooth the video game C chords (>>396) - Oh, those are cool video game sound!
- Song for sega CD \(≧▽≦)/ (>>397) - One more videogame sound.
- the coolest song (>>401) - Super, fast note sequences along with the decay make recognizable chiptune sound. But with square waveforms it sounds even cooler! Here is my remix: Cool song with squares.
- cool vaporwave (>>408) - Beautiful tune. I remixed it, made a function for different sequences: Happy squares!
- Castle at the night (>>414) - Good melody for castle levels in old games!
- what this song i remixed? (>>418) - Fun! Also the original song by ryg has no name.

by hcdphobe
- Tripany Sack (>>404) - funky tune, good for some detective story, hehe.
- remix of "Death chase" (source) - The first "Death chase" remix!
- remix of "kernkraft 400" (source) - Nice remix!
- short melody of 24 oras (source) - Nice tune!
- waveform-211 (source)
- sonic drowning ost (>>253) - I've always played famicom/nes, and never played sega, so Sonic passed me by. But the loop is nice!
- ctrl+v.hc (>>263) - It has become very popular to take old songs and add primitive drums to them. An easy way to get into the library. Well, ok.
- FM Running man (>>373) - An example of using frequency modulation.
- sketchy attempt of calce (>>375) - A short loop with drums
- CRITICAL_STRUCTURE_CORRUPTION MUSIC (>>376) - Heh,the first ever time I see someone use expm1() function.

- twenty six by cabbage drop - Unoptimized code mess, but funny track. Giggled a little :)
- WhiskedAwayToPomerania (source) by wyngwyrm - Nice classic formula!
- factory settings (source) by sean - Industrial noise.
- something1 (source) by Decent-Manager-6169 - A short array loop.
- my own remix of neurofunk (source) by psubscirbe- Another one Neurofunk remix!
- z (source) by getDolphinedLol - A short loop with an interesting effects.
- P Synth (source) by ciferidn - A short loop with Array().fill() echo.
- cool sine wopping music (source) by Gleb_Mii - Noice!
- 1 1278084&t 12345678890 (source) by Holiday-Charge-1313 - Fun 90s-style loop.
- TWO MILLION alarm clocks (>>160) by Butterroach - Oh, my brain is about to explode from this stereo alarm clock!
- simple step sequencer remix #2 (>>161) by NewFall2K - I've always liked it when people remix remixes and the song gets harder and better every time. It turns out collective creativity and cooperation, stretched in time! By the way, lhphr also has a cool hardcore remix of this song, called Sequencemania.
- 32killohertz and floatbeat (>>189) by Anonymous - A bytebeat loop converted to floatbeat
(71.03KB, 728x410)
Good day my friends!
Here songs added to the library in last two weeks:

by Kouzerumatsu
- XO-Tracker: Tsukite Moonhand The Bananafox Theme - Kouzerumatsu designed his XO-Tracker for a system which has only 1-bit audio. And he came up with a Tsukite The Bananafox character, a yellow fox with blue sky eyes, wearing glasses. This song is a bytebeat port from his original XO-Tracker song which represents Tsukite character.
- XO-TRACKER: 1-BIT BAD APPLE - Cool "Bad Apple" 1-bit cover written for XO-Tracker and ported to bytebeat!

by Decent-Manager-6169
- Drifting Time Misplaced 8 Bit Slowed (source) - Cover of Drifting Time Misplaced song. The Protagonist shivers and twitches in a cold corner of his house, weeping softly as he feels his brain slowly disintegrating.

by Rio zack
- 42 melody with decay (>>439) - One of the decay methods. But I always use (1-t%period/magnitude) decay in my formulas. The advantage of my method is that you can control not only the damping period, but also its final magnitude: t*(42&t>>10)%256*(1-t%2048/2048). Here is example.
- DJ running man (>>440) - A cool idea Rio zack came up with adjustable drums.
- DJ running man#3 (>>442) - sin+cbrt drums are powerful!
- DJ kernkraft 400 (>>445) - kernkraft 400 with drums.
- Synthwave G minor bach (>>449) - Sounds like the 80s!
- remix of "Cat-girl". Nya (^• ω •^) (>>457) - Remix for my "Cat-girl" song. Well picked bass.
- DJ "Fanfare?" (>>464) - Hmm, it's getting too easy when take a song, just add drums to it, and it turns out to be a "remix". But these remixes sounds cool, so I added them to library :)
- ПΣЦЯӨBΣΛƬ (>>465) - POWERFUL remix of my "Neurofunk"!
- VL-tone rhythm with beat (>>473) - Sounds cleaner and better than the original!
- CRAZY NOISE BEAT!!! ( ╯°□°)╯ ┻━━┻ (>>476) - Let's go party! I like how the song starts clean and then gets distorted more and more, going crazy.
- inside castle (>>480) - The author mastered the echo technology. A beautiful song turned out!
- battle castle (>>495) - Epic! First big song by Rio zack. Also, I recognized the drums from lhphr's "Awaiting Connection".
- DJ harmony (>>498) - Sierpinsky Harmony remix. I like that rave bass.
- E. piano (>>513) - Cool FM synth! Also like the chords.
- Works as evil (>>525) - Wow, like some kind of tragedy is happening, for example, an evil boss kidnaps the protagonist's bride, and this music plays!

by Devan Wolf from >>224
- Stand, Back, You... - Interesting slowdown effect.
- Some kind of Non-JS echo effect I discovered? - I would not say that it looks like an echo, but the effect is interesting.
- Nice stepdown effects there - This formula is very rich in effects.
- Cool percussion track - Sounds like a ticking clock.
- Inchwormy Beat - A short formula, but it sounds interesting, like from an old handheld snake game.
- Simplified Constructivist - It sounds more clear than the original!
- POW techno - Pretty short code, while the drums are not repeated.
- Tunnel sounds music? - Tunnel echo effect! And it sounds like there's a sine wave in there.
- Another cellular melody - The song is based on the distortion effect when overflowing the 255 range. If you switch to the signed bytebeat, the melody will be simpler.
- Combination stimmer + Street Surfer - Two classic hits are together now! Although it sounds dirty.

by Yamden
- Constructing a Melody in One Line (>>489) - A short song generated by java program. The code is unoptimized and can be extremely reduced.
- Major Seventh Chord Progression (>>492)
- Lovely Tune (>>497) - Really lovely tune! Reminds me of something from an early NES game.
- 19TET Harmony with Justly Tuned Melody (>>499) - Nice chords! It is a pity that the melody is too short.

by hcdphobe
- ARRAY 44100HZ SONG (>>471) - A remix of getDolphinedLol's ARRAY 11025HZ SONG. Oh, that kick was unexpected!
- vony remix of awesome level (>>479) - My "Awesome level" with fun kicks!
- remix of short simple music (>>510)
- DJ Adding sinewaves (>>518) - sin+cbrt kick idea from Rio zack, sounds nicely.
- my own hard-coded music (>>518) - Cool dark tune!

by May_I_Change_My_Name
- Poker Face (>>435) - Nice cover turned out!
- CAT-GIRL Alternate Rhythm (>>460) - Interesting, it really is perceived differently and fun.

by k0370_ from >>258
- high rhythm thing
- first made it - The croaking of alien toads
- — 10.10.2022 - Weird 8bit jumps. After 10 seconds, interesting bass starts to sound.
- beat thing 26.10.2022 - At 32000Hz sounds like a 8bit helicopter

by Anonymous
- 32killohertz and floatbeat (>>189)

by ChrisRM380
- Major scale (>>368) - Let it be in the library as a good example.

by aturned777
- 22.11.2022 (>>406) - Interesting notes progression on classic formula

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