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44 !
Hello! I've been doing bytebeat on and off in the recent times and I decided, why not, let's just share it with others for once! The way I will be formatting my bytebeat songs in this thread is as such:

Name: (Name); Date: (Date); Sample Rate: (Sample Rate)

Description: (Description)

The songs will be grouped up with a quality value ranging from 0 to 3. The quality value shows how good I personally think the song is, and the rest of the info is generally self-explanatory. One thing to mention though - if the date for the song is "-", then the date is between 28 April 2019 and 12 March 2022.
Either way, here's my list of bytebeat songs!

Quality value: 0

Name: (testing)1; Date: -; Sample Rate: 8k

Description: This was made around 2019 iirc. Based off of krcko's modem melody.

Name: (testing)2; Date: -; Sample Rate: 8k

Description: Same as (testing)1.

Name: (testing)4; Date: -; Sample Rate: 8k

Description: Same as (testing)1.

Name: d.error//; Date: -; Sample Rate: 22k

Description: Honestly don't feel too proud of this.

Name: madnessdescent; Date: -; Sample Rate: 11k

Description: I think it takes too long to get interesting. Also volume...

Name: %3; Date: 13 March 2022; Sample Rate: 22k

Description: This might've had potential, but the execution wasn't there.

Name: pattern of sorts; Date: 6 April 2022; Sample Rate: 8k

Description: idk this just doesn't work for me

Quality value: 1

Name: (testing)3; Date: -; Sample Rate: 8k

Description: Named as "funkatronic" in my bookmarks, but uhh... Also, the description from (testing)1 applies here too.

Name: uh.. Loop?; Date: -; Sample Rate: 8k

Description: Quite the odd loop I have laying around...

Name: >>10); Date: -; Sample Rate: 8k

Description: Probably a weirdly distant modem melody, idk, I was just trying things, and still am.

Name: madnessdescent{offset}; Date: -; Sample Rate: 11k

Description: madnessdescent but it actually starts at a more interesting spot. Volume is still absurd though.

Name: Štq_; Date: -; Sample Rate: 32k

Description: i feel like the code at the start was really unnecessary

Name: idk it's "t%"; Date: -; Sample Rate: 8k

Description: Rather small and quite over the place for what it is.

Name: tx; Date: -; Sample Rate: 32k

Description: Yes, it's pretty much the reverse of >>10) to some extent. Rather interesting if you listen to it for a while.

Name: squari; Date: -; Sample Rate: 8k

Description: t&t moment what do i say

Name: :arp; Date: 13 March 2022; Sample Rate: 44k

Description: Loops in 12 seconds and is rather basic.

Name: processing\s; Date: 5 April 2022; Sample Rate: 22k

Description: Who uses powers like that?

Name: cvrvxq; Date: 9 April 2022; Sample Rate: 8k

Description: XOR is weird.

Name: CM.; Date: 14 April 2022; Sample Rate: 44k

Description: Keeps on getting interrupted by a sound effect. man

Quality value: 2

Name: Disorientrum; Date: -; Sample Rate: 8k

Description: the name kind of explains it

Name: ITYLŽA; Date: -; Sample Rate: 32k

Description: Half-calm, half-intense?

Name: apparand nöise approach?!; Date: -; Sample Rate: 8k

Description: Arguably weird song name, yeah.

Name: ²Pacer; Date: -; Sample Rate: 44k

Description: 4-bit music due to the <<4 at the end.

Name: loop2; Date: -; Sample Rate: 32k

Description: Mostly a short loop.

Name: sTracT; Date: -; Sample Rate: 8k

Description: The conditionial does most of the job with this (i think).

Name: cvn.LOOP; Date: 5 April 2022; Sample Rate: 44k

Description: A short, but fast 12 second loop.

Name: Unnecessary-ARPEG.drm; Date: 6 April 2022; Sample Rate: 11k

Description: not well done in terms of efficiency.

Name: Unnecessary-ARPEG; Date: 7 April 2022; Sample Rate: 11k

Description: A variant of Unnecessary-ARPEG.drm which only has the melody.

Name: Numbers Not In Sight; Date: 9 April 2022; Sample Rate: 8k

Description: Just a small experiment that I did. No numbers - how hard can it be?

Name: Quant1ty Wave; Date: 10 April 2022; Sample Rate: 32k

Description: Waveform has interesting visuals here and there.

Name: %ral; Date: 14 April 2022; Sample Rate: 22k

Description: don't know how to describe it but it's cool i guess

Quality value: 3

Name: ITYLŽA++; Date: -; Sample Rate: 32k

Description: A more complicated version of ITYLŽA.

Name: Boun.; Date: 5 April 2022; Sample Rate: 32k

Description: Probably d.error// done well...

Name: tx.superloop; Date: 9 April 2022; Sample Rate: 32k

Description: A loop of a small segment of tx. It's rather wild.

Name: delchor; Date: 13 April 2022; Sample Rate: 44k

Description: Probably a simple progression of chords.

...and that's the whole list! Well... sort of. There are 2 which I excluded from this list for now, along with some quote unquote "self-referring" ones which normally don't work without some jank.

I also hope that this post is properly formatted, as this is my first time posting here.
Bye for now.
50 !
Hello again! I've returned again to share a handful more bytebeat songs. This time, it's only 10 songs, compared to the 35 from last post I've done. Most of the songs were made today. The formatting (which can be read at >>44) is the same as always. There are no songs with a quality value of 0 this time around, so it should be a bit better.

Quality value: 1

Name: oddsine; Date: 19 April 2022; Sample Rate: 44k

Description: Was messing around with the sine funcion and got this by chance.

Name: 655; Date: 22 April 2022; Sample Rate: 8k

Description: Rather weird rhythmically. Again, XOR makes weird things.

Name: Accelerate.; Date: 22 April 2022; Sample Rate: 22k

Description: I was trying to get something else altogether...

Quality value: 2

Name: Tetraordinal; Date: 16 April 2022; Sample Rate: 16k

Description: Seemed interesting to me, I don't know about you.

Name: Aligner; Date: 22 April 2022; Sample Rate: 32k

Description: Now that I'm listening to it, it might be better at 8k sample rate. Would be a weird twist on the modem melodies.

Name: genreframe; Date: 22 April 2022; Sample Rate: 32k

Description: I tried
, saw an opportunity.

Name: HAZEHOUSE; Date: 22 April 2022; Sample Rate: 8k

Description: Electrohouse's weird distant brother.

Name: ayo pick up the phone; Date: 22 April 2022; Sample Rate: 22k

Description: pick it up

Quality value: 3

Name: Unnecessary-ARPEG.hc; Date: 19 April 2022; Sample Rate: 44k

Description: Unnecessary hardcore remix of Unnecessary-ARPEG.

Name: CBRT-FILE R00TZ; Date: 22 April 2022; Sample Rate: 22k

Description: Sort of a proper song?

That concludes this post. See you soon!
52 !
(31.66KB, 733x733)
Oh, so many formulas! I took the time to listen to everything. The most interesting now added to the library.
Thank you for providing detailed information and also for taking the trouble to name all your formulas. This is good practice! You also did a good job formatting the code in this post without any bugs.
It is interesting that some of your formulas don't start to sound immediately, but after a few seconds.
"madnessdescent{offset}" - Oh, my brain is melted after that, lol.
"idk it's "t%"" - Nice sound progression, and at the same time such a short classic non-js formula.
":arp;" - Beautiful major progression.
"processings" - An interesting industrial sound, as if someone is playing a drum kit under the blades of a helicopter.
"Unnecessary-ARPEG.drm" - Oh, I see two instruments here, an arpeggiator and crazy drums.
"Numbers Not In Sight" - I like this concept with no digits. Also, sounds nice! With digits it can be simplified: t/t equals 1, so x=1, y=x+x turns to y=2, so the code turns to -2*t*(1-(t>>10)%2)^t*(t>>10)%16*-t>>10
"%ral" - Cool low-frequency buzz.
"delchor" - Oh, the best! I like these mysterious alien chords!
Also I quoted your formulas in >>51, it is a post of recent library updates.
Oh, I see you created even more! I will listen tomorrow, thank you. If there are something interesting, it will be added to the library next time!
53 !
Hello! I've returned again to show some more bytebeat songs. Here's a catch though: remember the "self-referring" songs which I mentioned at >>44? I actually meant to say self-defining on that, but I got them to work in some way! Explaining the behaviors of self-defining variables is complicated and probably going to be too long, so I'll try to quickly summarize it with a formula which always returns 1:

It is also not recommended to skip ahead or change the formula while playing it, as the variables will not be set to the intended values anymore. The old self-defining songs got "t?0:x=0," put at the start to make them work.
Either way, here's 10 more songs which I've made (which includes the 4 self-defining songs from long ago)!

Quality value: 0

Name: e.error//; Date: -; Sample Rate: 22k

Description: Weird version of d.error//.

Quality value: 1

Name: the chaos; Date: -; Sample Rate: 8k

Description: Rather awkward, don't know what else to say.

Name: sier/pin/ski; Date: -; Sample Rate: 8k

Description: More or less a trivial loop of some kind.

Name: outer>techno; Date: 23 April 2022; Sample Rate: 11k

Description: This was the first self-defining song which I got to work on this site.

Quality value: 2

Name: Tonality; Date: -; Sample Rate: 44k

Description: It carries some kind of unusual atmosphere... I think.

Name: sier/pin/ski re/vi/si/tor; Date: 23 April 2022; Sample Rate: 16k

Description: Slightly tweaked version of sier/pin/ski.

Name: DansiclinearitY; Date: 24 April 2022; Sample Rate: 8k

Description: Points view pretty much gives you vague outlines of straight lines, hence the name having "linear" in it.

Name: _virmal!; Date: 24 April 2022; Sample Rate: 22k

Description: A loop with slightly odd rhythm.

Quality value: 3

Name: Paradigm Contacter; Date: 23 April 2022; Sample Rate: 11k

Description: Another decently proper song. I might add that this doesn't work properly on the Greggman page and doesn't seem to load at all on the Paul Hayes page, so this formula can probably be used to test a bytebeat player's accuracy and efficiency.

Name: Q.D.; Date: 24 April 2022; Sample Rate: 44k

Description: A short song-like loop.

That's the list! Due to me finding a way to use self-defining variables, I will format the songs like this in future posts:

Name: (Name); Date: (Date); Sample Rate: (Sample Rate); Self-defining?: (Y/N)

Description: (Description)

That concludes this post. See you soon!
54 !
Hello! I've made some more bytebeat songs over the days, so I've returned back here to the forums to post them!

Quality value: 1

Name: sine of power; Date: 24 April 2022; Sample Rate: 8k; Self-defining?: No

Description: Decided to raise t to the power of a sine function. Ended up sounding somewhat unique.

Name: null:Δ; Date: 28 April 2022; Sample Rate: 16k; Self-defining?: Yes

Description: i don't know what's going on with that machine

Name: octave transition; Date: 29 April 2022; Sample Rate: 8k; Self-defining?: No

Description: An interesting transition between different octaves.

Quality value: 2

Name: powersine; Date: 24 April 2022; Sample Rate: 8k; Self-defining?: No

Description: Added kick and snare to sine of power.

Name: NaNFlash; Date: 24 April 2022; Sample Rate: 8k; Self-defining?: No

Description: Song generally alternates between normal and NaN.

Name: BRK-ER.; Date: 26 April 2022; Sample Rate: 32k; Self-defining?: No

Description: I consider this as a rather distant remix of idk it's "t%". But I mean, it's just too different from it, so maybe not.

Quality value: 3

Name: Duotrigottogon; Date: 26 April 2022; Sample Rate: 44k; Self-defining?: No

Description: Fast paced.

Name: The Evaluator; Date: 26 April 2022; Sample Rate: 8k; Self-defining?: Yes

Description: This song doesn't loop, and it's 5 minutes long.

Name: TTT (The Tonal Tone); Date: 27 April 2022; Sample Rate: 32k; Self-defining?: No

Description: There's a chance that you might hear the melody differently. Saying this from personal experience.

Name: ᓯᑯ ᓯᓚ ᑖᖅᑐᒥ ᐆᒻᒪᑦ; Date: 28 April 2022; Sample Rate: 44k; Self-defining?: No

Description: %2.8 led to an interesting waveform. The arpeggio was annoying to set up, and it might be a bit off still for all I know.

That's the list! I'm going to take a break from bytebeat for a while, as I have other stuff which I should prioritize more. See you soon!
58 !
(2.71MB, 498x280)
Hello again!

Very interesting information about self-defining formulas! You made self-defining formulas work here, but where did you initially work with them, that they were played without t?0:x=0 modification? On Greggman? I can explain why they don't work on my site. There is a bug/feature in Greggman, global variables are not cleared after editing or inserting another formula. My player forcefully clears all global variables from globalThis when changing the formula. I made this due to the fact that some songs using the same variables did not work correctly in Greggman. If two songs use the same named variables and you insert a new song after playing the old song, it will continue to use the old values of the old song.

"oddsine" - Interesting simple sine loop.
"Aligner" - At 8kHz sounds almost the same as "Modem melody" by krcko.
"genreframe" - Very strange sound effect and some kind of melody.
"HAZEHOUSE" - An odd way to change the tempo multiplying by fraction t*=11/12.
"Unnecessary-ARPEG.hc" - Hardcore tempo! Also sounds interesting at 22kHz.
"CBRT-FILE R00TZ" - Crazy schizo song, reminds me the creativity of Cyriak. Also you can write just PI instead of Math.PI. The player accepts Math-functions and constants without Math.

"outer>techno" - Also, I like how sounds on 22kHZ.
"Paradigm Contacter" - Oh, a whole noise song. I like this noisy madness!

"sine of power" - Indeed, it turned out an interesting sound.
"null" - This formula generates a huge amount of NaN values, so the entire view is red. Like "processings" formula in >>44.
"octave transition" - Wow, just look at the waveform at the max zoom! Also this sounds pleasant to ears.
"powersine" - The kick part (2E7/(t&4095))**.5 sounds very quiet, I replaced it to 0 to hear the difference.
"Duotrigottogon" - A powerful sqrt kicks made by ** power. The song is good at 11k also.
"The Evaluator" - Oh, you've mastered the eval(unescape(escape technique too. Cool song! A lot of instruments, nice chiptune sound.
"TTT (The Tonal Tone)" - A beautiful dark chords appear at first. I like that gothic atmosphere! And then come arpeggiators and even echoes. The best your song. Yellow star, definetely.
"ᓯᑯ ᓯᓚ ᑖᖅᑐᒥ ᐆᒻᒪᑦ" - Very strange sounds, to be honest, but there is something in it.
Thanks for your bytebeats!
61 !
Hello again!

I did in fact initially get them to work on Greggman, but some of the later ones were made on the Paul Hayes page. Global variables being cleared makes sense if you don't want weird conflicts with other bytebeat songs, but it led me to the self-defining variables, which you can make interesting things with if used well.

funny post

Either way, I've made more bytebeat songs to share! I'm most likely going to stick with the pattern of sharing 10 songs per post, so I hope that doesn't come off as a negative.
I also want to note off that there is a small error involving the minification of TTT (The Tonal Tone), so it would be nice if that's addressed.

Quality value: 1

Name: moduloto; Date: 3 May 2022; Sample Rate: 32k; Self-defining?: No

Description: Weird usage of functions.

Name: öTirõ; Date: 6 May 2022; Sample Rate: 44k; Self-defining?: No

Description: idk it's a thing

Name: half-norm; Date: 7 May 2022; Sample Rate: 4k; Self-defining?: No

Description: First attempt at doing something with 4k. Of course it's rather simple.

Quality value: 2

Name: Logics, and?; Date: 1 May 2022; Sample Rate: 22k; Self-defining?: No

Description: First song where I tried to utilize the logical AND operator.

Name: CRZstep; Date: 1 May 2022; Sample Rate: 32k; Self-defining?: No

Description: is this what yall call dubstep or something

Name: astronomia but it's different; Date: 4 May 2022; Sample Rate: 22k; Self-defining?: No
t/=z=2205/2816,p=a=>2**(a/12),c=(t>>12)-16*((t%2**18)>>16==3)&63,f=a=>((t*p(a-227+'áá  ááåèææááååáàãã  ããããææááååãàáá  ááññïðññïïññ'.charCodeAt(c))&63)-32)%((~t-2048*('      !"      !"      !"    !"!"        !"      '.charCodeAt(c)))/128%64+63),h=(a,b,c,d)=>t/16384%1*cos(t/PI/z/8*p([a,b,c,c][t>>16&3]+d)),g=(a,b,c)=>h(a,b,c,o=1/8)+h(a,b,c,0)+h(a,b,c,-o),(f(-12)-f(0)-f(12))/2+10*(g(-7,-5,-4)+g(-2,4,2)+g(2,9,10)+g(7,12,17))+16*sin(2048/(t%16384)**.02)+((l=t%2**17)*l/l**.5*PI%1*(t>>14&1)*16&~t>>11%64+63)+128

Description: The only reason why this has a quality value of 2 is because of the code length.

Name: öTirMõX; Date: 6 May 2022; Sample Rate: 44k; Self-defining?: No

Description: Some fast paced song. The NaNs are deliberate.

Name: Retrixtaria; Date: 7 May 2022; Sample Rate: 4k; Self-defining?: No

Description: This doesn't loop, it's 7 minutes long. Has a quality value of 2 due to it sounding a bit awkward occasionally.

Name: Intra; Date: 8 May 2022; Sample Rate: 22k; Self-defining?: Yes

Description: I guess it's trying to do a melody...

Quality value: 3

Name: Positronomia; Date: 11 May 2022; Sample Rate: 22k; Self-defining?: No
t/=z=2205/2816,p=a=>2**(a/12),f=(a,b=31)=>((t*p(a-227+'áá  ááåèææááååáàãã  ããããææááååãàáá  ááññïðññïïññ'.charCodeAt(c=(t>>12)-16*(t%2**18>>16==3)&63))&63)-32)%((-t-2048*'      !"      !"      !"    !"!"        !"      '.charCodeAt(c))/128%64+32+b),m=b=>f(-12,b)-f(0,b)-f(12,b),h=(a,b,c,d)=>t/16384%1*cos(t/PI/z/8*p([a,b,c,c][t>>16&3]+d)),g=(a,b,c)=>h(a,b,c,o=1/8)+h(a,b,c,0)+h(a,b,c,-o),i=(a,b,c)=>g(a-9,b-14,c-14)+g(a-4,b-5,c-8)+g(a,b,c)+g(a+5,b+3,c+7),q=(t>>15)%32!=31,y=(a,b)=>a&1<<(t>>19&15)&&b,(y(47342,m()/2)-y(52992,(m()-m(t>>9&31))/2)+q*(y(65487,10*i(2,9,10))+y(14072,((t>>20==2)+1)*5*i(-10,-3,-2))+y(30716,16*sin(2048/(t%16384)**.02))+y(15564,(l=t%2**17)*l/l**.5*PI%1*16*(t>>14&1)&-t>>11%64+63))|0)+128

Description: "astronomia but it's different" made into a proper song. It loops in about 5 minutes, and I somehow got an interesting melody rhythm about half-way.

That's it for this post. See you soon!
66 !
Hello! Here are some more bytebeat songs from me for you to listen to!

Quality value: 1

Name: wvConstruct; Date: 11 May 2022; Sample Rate: 11k; Self-defining?: Yes

Description: A wave of sorts suddenly emerges.

Name: $ine $tabilizer; Date: 12 May 2022; Sample Rate: 32k; Self-defining?: No

Description: Weird usage of the sine wave.

Name: ÿþkø; Date: 13 May 2022; Sample Rate: 44k; Self-defining?: No

Description: One of my weird noise based songs again...

Quality value: 2

Name: N%noet#er; Date: 11 May 2022; Sample Rate: 44k; Self-defining?: No

Description: odd sound

Name: $ine Ðecrement; Date: 12 May 2022; Sample Rate: 32k; Self-defining?: No

Description: Another odd usage of the sine wave. If you're wondering, this came before $ine $tabilizer.

Name: iffY stabilitY; Date: 17 May 2022; Sample Rate: 16k; Self-defining?: Yes

Description: This uses a self-defining function, not a self-defining variable. Had to be careful with this thing though...

Name: t% funk; Date: 19 May 2022; Sample Rate: 32k; Self-defining?: No

Description: I guess another remix of idk it's "t%"? Why not.

Quality value: 3

Name: tempotacular!!!; Date: 14 May 2022; Sample Rate: 32k; Self-defining?: Yes
t?a=a+(b=max((589824-a)/65536,1))+[0,0,1,3,5,-1,-3,-5][i]/20:b=a=0,c=z=>2**(z/12),d=z=>2*32**z**.5&63,e=z=>d(sin(h/PI*b/z))/3,f=c(((a>>16)+2&6)-2),g=z=>t*f/7.5*c(z)&31,h=[t,a][!(i=a>>19)&1],j=d(sin(t/11*c([0,3,5,7,12,15,18][a>>10+(a>>11&6)&7]))),k=d(sin(2048/(a%(l=2**14))**.05)),m=e(32)-e(8/f)-e(6/f),n=2*(g(0)+g(4)+g(7))/3,o=16*(1-a%l/l)*sin((t>>2)**3)*(a>>14&1),p=t/30*f*c('0+($    74+('.charCodeAt(a>>11&11)+.5)&24,min(!(i>>3)*((a>>14&31)-(i==7)!=31?[3*e(32)-k,q=m+j-k,q=q+n,q=q-o,q-p,q-m+k/2-p,m+j-k/2-p,2*j/3-p][i]:(1-(a>>9&2))*32*c(h&-a>>4&63)**-1)+128,255)

Description: This is one of the more unique ones because the BPM changes throughout the song. Also got a decently complex melody.

Name: Nocturnizf; Date: 16 May 2022; Sample Rate: 44k; Self-defining?: No

Description: Sort of a melody with this one?

Name: Byte Me A Beat; Date: 18 May 2022; Sample Rate: 44k; Self-defining?: No

Description: I don't know about you, but for me, this came out better than expected.

And the post ends yet again. See you soon!
69 !
Hello! Here are some more bytebeat songs!

Quality value: 1

Name: unison(); Date: 25 May 2022; Sample Rate: 32k; Self-defining?: Yes

Description: A unison effect hid off by an usage of the OR operand.

Quality value: 2

Name: 32echoes; Date: 18 May 2022; Sample Rate: 48k; Self-defining?: No

Description: Some sort of delay effect with really high t values.

Name: sketchy reverb attempt; Date: 22 May 2022; Sample Rate: 44k; Self-defining?: Yes

Description: An attempt at reverb. Not the most ideal, but it's something. This has considerable performance issues in every browser I've tested other than Firefox. Play this code in there if possible.

Name: Pyramid Dungeon; Date: 22 May 2022; Sample Rate: 32k; Self-defining?: No

Description: Probably just me, but I'm seeing a slight desert-like style in this.

Name: waver; Date: 23 May 2022; Sample Rate: 44k; Self-defining?: No

Description: A loop with... buzzing kicks I guess?

Name: s.i.t.e. (synth in the emptiness); Date: 26 May 2022; Sample Rate: 32k; Self-defining?: Yes

Description: A synth in isolation can sound cool.

Name: xorcore; Date: 27 May 2022; Sample Rate: 32k; Self-defining?: No

Description: Good old fractal melody but it's a bit excessive.

Quality value: 3

Name: Fractalized Past; Date: 26 May 2022; Sample Rate: 8k; Self-defining?: No

Description: Why does this sound like I've heard this before, even though I know I haven't?

Name: FLⱯR3Z0NE; Date: 26 May 2022; Sample Rate: 8k; Self-defining?: No

Description: Electrohouse with some additional sounds and slight tweaks.

Name: Time Is A Suggestion; Date: 27 May 2022; Sample Rate: 32k; Self-defining?: Yes

Description: The time variable (t) is never used in this code, hence the name.

A small bonus at the end here: a floatbeat song!

Quality value: 2

Name: trig; Date: 21 May 2022; Sample Rate: 44k; Self-defining?: No

Description: It's merely a short loop, but it's still somewhat decent.

That concludes this post. See you soon!
70 !
(23.87KB, 253x176)
Sorry for not responding, I don't have much time. I had to listen to everything carefully to answer.

The downside of self-defining variables is that the formulas may not sound right if you jump to a different time.
> there is a small error involving the minification of TTT (The Tonal Tone)
Oh, sorry! Fixed now. Thanks for pointing out!
> 4k
4k in selector was a temporary solution for "The Flower Festival" song by Jimmyoshi in [Big JS] section. It is very poorly optimized and can hit any PC even with an 8k sample rate. Now I've implemented a custom sample rate selector and removed the 4k option. You can always set 4000 manually in the input field. Or maybe leave it in the options, what do you think?

"CRZstep" - Reminds me the "Crude Sinewave Dubstep" by Gabriel Miceli
"Retrixtaria" - There is some special charm in low rates. Also, the song can be easily scaled up to 32k by adding t/=8, and the sound will be clear. But it won't be that lo-fi song anymore.
"Intra" - A short but interesting formula that gives a melody.
"Positronomia" - The tune is a little weird, but that micro-tonal sine generator sounds cool. I was smiled at the place where the melody was cut off and distorted. Nicely thought out. Also, -t>>11%64+63 at the end is just -t>>74, because >> have lower priority. I tried (-t>>11)%64+63, but this corrupts the snare in drums. Well, ok.

"wvConstruct" - Nice waveform at max zoom!
"ÿþkø" - Oh, my ears are bleeding again :)
"$ine $tabilizer" - Beautiful dancing PWM in the scope at max zoom while "krcko" / "Crude Sinewave Dubstep" tune playing.
"$ine Ðecrement" - More melodic version, nice! Also reminds me dubstep_thingy by RealZynx92.
"t% funk" - And you've got a cool beat! Also after 262 second it suddenly changes :)
"tempotacular!!!" - Wow! An awesome idea to change the sample rate during the playback! I've seen this only with songs by argarak, they are played at a different tempo after the end. Cool madness! Reminiscent of folk dances, when the tempo accelerates and the guests dance until they fall. It's a pity the song is not looped, I got a real stuck while listening, had to press reset. And I found a bug. Every time I change even one symbol, the song restarts. Also, your code is well optimized, but I found q=q+n,q=q-o, could be q+=n,q-=o,. Two bytes less, hehe!
"Nocturnizf" - Oh, what a powerful beats, however!
"Byte Me A Beat" - Niceee! The feeling of the Prodigy the music of my childhood, as well as the 90s raves. I hear the FM modulation calculations here. And I see that you have worked a lot on this song, it is already a full track with a well-developed composition. Also, well minimized code, did not found anything I could minimize else.
"sketchy reverb attempt" - What a cool slide effect! The generator changes the frequency while playing the note. I will also use this technique. The instrument resembles either a guitar or an organ. Cool! As for Chrome, if you hadn't told me I wouldn't have noticed since I'm a Firefox fan and I hate Chrome. I will have to look and find out what the problem is so that the song can play normally there. Also, cool gothic chords, I love such atmospheric tracks.
"Pyramid Dungeon" - Hehe, did you know about famous 42 melody? t*(42&t>>10) It gives such Arab harmony. You can find it in [Classic] section. You have different coefficients, but the basis is the same.
"waver" - The sine wave generator here sounds like someone is blowing into a water pipe, hehe.
"s.i.t.e." - You have an interesting implementation of the echo mechanism, through filling the array. Can you explain in more detail? Will have to figure it out.
"Fractalized Past" - This classic formula is valid and can be compiled in C. Very impressive sound as for a classic formula. I like this tune!
"FLⱯR3Z0NE - Yeah, this electrohouse theme kicks. Nice minor chords, I was stuck a little!
"Time Is A Suggestion" - Cool non-t hack! Well, the idea is roughly clear, because you need to return values, and no matter how, you simply initialize and increment another variable, in this case this.a??=0,a+=1. And I found a feature! If you play the song backwards, it will play as usual! Because you are not tied to time, but use your own variable.
"trig" - Rave chords, cool!

Thanks for your works, lhphr, you made my evening! I got a lot of pleasure from your sounds, and also took out useful things for myself that I will use in the future. And your non-t hack without using the built-in time, completely blew my mind!
87 !
So, I was tinkering around with something something reverb and after a bit, I was able to get the reverb function to work in a way that allows it to be used more than once! I then utilized it to make a mini-song of sorts, still based on trig.
This is a floatbeat song, just like something something reverb.

Quality value: 3

Name: reverb multi; Date: 22 June 2022; Sample Rate: 44k; Self-defining?: Yes (although it doesn't cause issues)
Formatted code:
t %= 2621440,

reverbSet = 0,
reverb = (input, gain, amountComb, valComb, subComb, amountAP, valAP, subAP, reverbVolume, inputVolume) => (
	loop = 0,
	loopHandler = (set, bound, var1, var2, var3) => loop++ < bound ? set(bound, var1, var2, var3) : loop = 0,
	initArray = (range, type, length, sub) => (
		type.push(Array(length - sub * loop).fill(0)),
		loopHandler(initArray, range, type, length, sub)
	t ? 0 : (this.output ??= [], this.inputAP ??= [], this.outputAP ??= [],
	output[reverbSet] = [], inputAP[reverbSet] = [], outputAP[reverbSet] = []) +
	initArray(amountComb, output[reverbSet], valComb, subComb) +
	initArray(amountAP, inputAP[reverbSet], valAP, subAP) +
	initArray(amountAP, outputAP[reverbSet], valAP, subAP),
	outShift = range => (
		output[reverbSet][loop].shift() +
		loopHandler(outShift, range)
	outPush = range => (
		output[reverbSet][loop].push(input - gain * output[reverbSet][loop][0]) +
		loopHandler(outPush, range)
	combineComb = range => (
		output[reverbSet][loop][output[reverbSet][loop].length - 1] +
		loopHandler(combineComb, range)
	funcAllPass = range => (
			loop ?
			outputAP[reverbSet][loop - 1][outputAP[reverbSet][loop - 1].length - 1] :
			-gain * inputAP[reverbSet][loop][inputAP[reverbSet][loop].length - 1] +
			inputAP[reverbSet][loop][0] + gain * outputAP[reverbSet][loop][0]
		)) +
		loopHandler(funcAllPass, range)
	inputVolume * input +
	outputAP[reverbSet][amountAP][outputAP[reverbSet++][amountAP].length - 1] / amountComb * reverbVolume

chords = '55545556'[t >> 16 & 7],
pitch = divisor => t * PI / divisor * chords,
cut = t < 1572864,

	'11011100'[t >> 13 & 7] * tan(PI / 2 ** (2 + (t >> 11 & 3)) * sin(PI * sin(pitch(250)) - pitch(4e4))) /
	8 * (t > 2 ** 19 && t < 2 ** 21),
.95, 7, 8600, 750, 3, 1500, 200, 1, 1) -
	(sin(pitch(124) - pitch(89)) + sin(pitch(125) - pitch(100)) + sin(pitch(126) - pitch(105))) /
	12 * (t / 2 ** 16 % 1) * cut,
.95, 3, 9600, 1600, 3, 3900, 250, 1, .5) +
	[, , hat = (1 - t / 8192 % 1) * sin(t ** 3) / 12 * (t > 2 ** 20 && cut), , , hat, , hat][t >> 12 & 7] ??
	sinh(PI / 2 * sin(chords ** 4 ** (1 - t / 2048 % 2)) % (PI / 4)) / 6 * cut,
.8, 3, 1500, 320, 1, 900, 270, .5, 1);

Minified code:

I'll get back to posting more bytebeat songs soon, as I've been on bit of a hiatus due to other things getting in the way. See you soon!
88 !
Hello again! Here are some bytebeat songs which I've made, along with some floatbeat songs as an extra! 15 in total, compared to the 10 which I normally have. but it's fine.

Quality value: 0

Name: 8D269D3933E700; Date: 25 June 2022; Sample Rate: 11k; Self-defining?: Simple; Type: Floatbeat

Description: Late night me thought this was somewhat good... go to bed.

Quality value: 1

Name: Edge Byte; Date: 28 May 2022; Sample Rate: 4k; Self-defining?: No; Type: Bytebeat

Description: Some sort of song, also weird in floatbeat.

Name: Precision Floater; Date: 30 May 2022; Sample Rate: 22k; Self-defining?: No; Type: Bytebeat

Description: The name comes from the NaNs caused by precision errors. Again a weird noise song if you ask me.

Quality value: 2

Name: sr.slow; Date: 30 May 2022; Sample Rate: 500; Self-defining?: No; Type: Bytebeat

Description: Probably the lowest rate I'll ever make a bytebeat song with.

Name: the lone system; Date: 2 June 2022; Sample Rate: 32k; Self-defining?: Simple; Type: Bytebeat

Description: An echo type of thing with some pitch sliding.

Name: Fidelity Tweak; Date: 4 June 2022; Sample Rate: 32k; Self-defining?: Simple; Type: Bytebeat

Description: A lo-fi effect.

Name: Vé; Date: 7 June 2022; Sample Rate: 32k; Self-defining?: Simple; Type: Floatbeat

Description: An interesting effect I got with arrays.

Name: 3DIAL; Date: 26 June 2022; Sample Rate: 32k; Self-defining?: No; Type: Bytebeat

Description: i don't think this is how i'm supposed to melody

Name: eVal waVe; Date: 30 June 2022; Sample Rate: 44k; Self-defining?: No; Type: Floatbeat

Description: Just because eval(s) is one value doesn't mean it can be another value later in the code.

Name: _undisc; Date: 2 July 2022; Sample Rate: 44k; Self-defining?: Simple; Type: Bytebeat

Description: Tried doing a melody in a bit of an untraditional way.

Name: FZVFYI BZOQW; Date: 6 July 2022; Sample Rate: 44k; Self-defining?: No; Type: Bytebeat

Description: I guess this is a speedcore song.

Quality value: 3

Name: uni Firaz; Date: 27 May 2022; Sample Rate: 22k; Self-defining?: No; Type: Bytebeat

Description: This works well with too many sample rates for some reason.

Name: Sinusoid Pusher; Date: 28 May 2022; Sample Rate: 44k; Self-defining?: No; Type: Floatbeat

Description: like we don't have enough variants of Crude Sinewave Dubstep? Also changes intensity about 3 minutes in.

Name: T!me Tr!al; Date: 4 June 2022; Sample Rate: 44k; Self-defining?: No; Type: Bytebeat

Description: Quite of a complex melody for a nice loop.

Name: T!me Tr!al EX; Date: 4 July 2022; Sample Rate: 44k; Self-defining?: Simple; Type: Bytebeat

Description: T!me Tr!al as a full song. Contains changes to the song BPM and also doesn't use the built-in time.

That's all for now. See you soon!
98 !
fe1574717b35_Screen Shot 2019-07-05 at 6.20.18 PM.
(207.94KB, 685x970)
Great, you keep improving your reverb function!
Low drone sound seem to be out of key, creating disharmony. Although, on the other hand, I can catch a certain funk in this.
"8D269D3933E700" - Crude Sinewave Dubstep on drugs! Got a little stuck in this.
"the lone system" - Cosmic sounds are reflected in the void of the universe... I also experimented and added decay and echo to the square arpeggiator, a similar effect was obtained.
"Vé" - Cool chords, combined with the echo is very unusual. Reminds me a bit of the soundtracks from Mass Effect.
"3DIAL" - Schizo thing.
"uni Firaz" - Yes, sounds good at 32k also. And t>>(11-(t>>14&1))&7 equals to t>>11-(t>>14&1)&7.
"Sinusoid Pusher" - At first sounds just like usual Crude Sinewave Dubstep with drums, but then gets interesting.
"T!me Tr!al" - An interesting song.
"T!me Tr!al EX" - Nice! After 107 and 214 seconds it changes! Other speeds and patterns apply. It is a pity that this song cannot be rewound, as it does not depend on time.
127 !
Hello again! Here are some more songs which I've made!

Quality value: 1

Name: Outplay; Date: 16 July 2022; Sample Rate: 8k; Self-defining?: No; Type: Bytebeat

Description: I guess it's a variant of THE SWINGS.

Quality value: 2

Name: Δ; Date: 11 July 2022; Sample Rate: 44k; Self-defining?: No; Type: Bytebeat

Description: First song where I used triangle waves, and it was almost only triangle waves.

Name: data distress; Date: 12 July 2022; Sample Rate: 32k; Self-defining?: No; Type: Bytebeat

Description: somehow works in a way?

Name: Diurnizf; Date: 19 July 2022; Sample Rate: 44k; Self-defining?: No; Type: Bytebeat

Description: Decided to remix Nocturnizf for fun. Chord progression is a bit weird though...

Name: zuonbdoss; Date: 25 July 2022; Sample Rate: 22k; Self-defining?: Complex; Type: Bytebeat

Description: Some kind of kick and noise comined together.

Name: SPIRAL; Date: 31 July 2022; Sample Rate: 22k; Self-defining?: No; Type: Bytebeat
z='6689'[t>>16&3],('AEIOUaei    AEIOUaei    AE  AE  '.charCodeAt(t>>10&31)*tan(z*t/390)+(z*t/3>>7)&127)+(50**(2-t/2**(11-!(-t>>12&3)-!(-t>>15&3)/2-!(-t>>14&15)/2)%1)&128)

Description: A bit fast paced? Also looks interesting without the kicks.

Quality value: 3

Name: Penultimate Dawn of Time Stability; Date: 18 July 2022; Sample Rate: 44k; Self-defining?: Simple; Type: Bytebeat

Description: tiro remix??? no way!

Name: sawsinsqu; Date: 19 July 2022; Sample Rate: 8k; Self-defining?: No; Type: Bytebeat

Description: squsinsaw music in reverse still has some funk to it.

Name: WICKED HEXATRNION; Date: 23 July 2022; Sample Rate: 32k; Self-defining?: Complex; Type: Bytebeat

Description: A simple melody with a bunch of other effects alongside it.

Name: The Unescaper; Date: 1 August 2022; Sample Rate: 16k; Self-defining?: Complex; Type: Bytebeat

Description: Familiar, but still different enough.

That's all for this post. I'm going to go on a hiatus though, as other things are starting to get in the way of me working on bytebeat songs. See you soon!
203 !
Hello! I'm back from my hiatus for a bit to show some more songs!

Quality value: 1

Name: 0.req; Date: 12 September 2022; Sample Rate: 48k; Self-defining?: Complex; Type: Bytebeat

Description: A bit odd sounding, but whatever...

Quality value: 2

Name: polydimension; Date: 6 August 2022; Sample Rate: 22k; Self-defining?: No; Type: Bytebeat
w=x=>(x%=256)>128?512-2*x:x,c=t/12E3%256,f=c>>6,b=c%4,a=[4/3,8/7][y=f&1],z=c%a,l=c%1,g=c>64,h=random(),r=(a,m,s)=>{for(e=i=0;i<a.length;m*b<a[i++]||e++);return s-b+a[--e]/m},q=t*'8897'[c>>2&3]/3.5,j=c%32>a,max(0,min(255,(c<32||min(1,max(0,3*z-.2))*j)/5*((w(q)+w(1.2*q)-w(1.6*q)-w(1.8*q))*r([0,2,4,6,10,11+f,18,22],3+f,.8)-l*l*w('2484'[32*c&3]*q+w(4*q))*y-(w(t)-w(t/2+l*w(t*(c>>2&15))+w(2*t*(1+(c>>5&3)))))*r([0,3,6,8,12,14],4,1)*g-5/4*w(q/4+w((7-l*(2+(c>>2&3)+(c>>3&1))%1)**5*3)/2)*(c%64>48)-w(r([-4,2,6,9,12,16,20],8-f,2)**4*6E3*(f-1))*(c>128)+h*(16-c%16)**2/4)+z*(1-z*(c%128>80?4:2)%a)**4*80*h*g+(c>32)*(w(2*t+60*sin(z*25))*!j*z+w((1-z)**9*2E3*(1+c%2))*.6)+128))

Description: A NΞW DIMΞNSION with some arguably weird rhythm.

Name: limnullity; Date: 23 August 2022; Sample Rate: 16k; Self-defining?: Simple; Type: Bytebeat

Description: Kind of a simple No Limit-styled song.

Name: ESC▲L▲↑OR P▲R↑Y; Date: 4 September 2022; Sample Rate: 44k; Self-defining?: No; Type: Bytebeat

Description: funky beats

Name: bŽk; Date: 5 September 2022; Sample Rate: 44k; Self-defining?: Simple; Type: Bytebeat

Description: A basic melody.

Name: bŽQKV-49; Date: 5 September 2022; Sample Rate: 44k; Self-defining?: Simple; Type: Bytebeat

Description: Overdriven version of bŽk. It's loud.

Name: Dark Deep; Date: 8 September 2022; Sample Rate: 44k; Self-defining?: Simple; Type: Floatbeat

Description: Also has an odd sound, but it's somewhat okay?

Name: Sequencemania; Date: 13 September 2022; Sample Rate: 44k; Self-defining?: No; Type: Bytebeat
x=~t>>14&3,m=v=>t*2**((s='< < H < < M < < J < < F < < H < < < KHC?< < JHC?< < HC?<0 < KHC?8 8 H 8 8 K 8 8 J 8 8 F 8 8 H 8 8 8 H 8 8 K 8 8 J 8 8 F 8 8 H 8 , , H , , H , + J , , F , , H , , 8 KHC?, , JHC?8 8 HC?,0 , KHC?) ) H ) ) K ) ) J ) ) F ) ) H ) ) ) H ) ) K ) ) J ) ) F ) ) H ) '.charCodeAt(t>>11&255))==32?-1/0:(s+v)/12-4)%256,M=v=>m(12+v)-m(v),min(max((M(0)^M(-12.1)^M(.1)^M(6.9))/2+(24*sin(2e3/(t%(2**(14-!x-!(~t>>13&7)-!!x*(t>>7&1)-!(~t>>13&9))))**.1)&~32)+24*(t>>13&1)*sin(abs(t/(1+(t>>10&6))|0)**3)+1.5*(14-2*(t>>8&7-4*!(~t>>13&9)))*sin(t**3)+144,0),255)

Description: simple step sequencer with the fast paced style on it

Quality value: 3

Name: ELE▼▲↑OR P▲R↑Y; Date: 8 September 2022; Sample Rate: 44k; Self-defining?: Simple; Type: Bytebeat

Description: ESC▲L▲↑OR P▲R↑Y as a full song. Rather decent, I suppose?

Name: Sīkvenssänitī; Date: 14 September 2022; Sample Rate: 44k; Self-defining?: No; Type: Bytebeat
t*=.45,x=~t>>14&3,q=t>>19,Q=~t>>12&9,V=q>1,y=t/2048%16,z=V||~t>>15&15&&q,k=t%2**20,m=v=>t*2**((s='< < H < < M < < J < < F < < H < < < KHC?< < JHC?< < HC?<0 < KHC?8 8 H 8 8 K 8 8 J 8 8 F 8 8 H 8 8 8 H 8 8 K 8 8 J 8 8 F 8 8 H 8 , , H , , H , + J , , F , , H , , 8 KHC?, , JHC?8 8 HC?,0 , KHC?) ) H ) ) K ) ) J ) ) F ) ) H ) ) ) H ) ) K ) ) J ) ) F ) ) H ) '.charCodeAt(t>>10&255))==32?-1/0:(s+v)/12-4+q%2-(!V&&q&&2*!z))%256,M=v=>m(12+v)-m(v),c=(a,f)=>(y^y/3+2/3)%2*5*atan(tan(t/2**((a[t>>16&3]+f)/12)/25)*(((t>>10&31)+2)/16)**2),C=a=>c(a,x=.1)+c(a,0)+c(a,-x)-c(a,-x/2)-c(a,x/2),min(max((M(0)^M(-12.1)^M(.1)^M(6.9))/2+V*((24*sin(2e3/(t%(2**(14-!x-!(~t>>13&7)-!!x*(t>>7&1)-!(~t>>13&9))))**.1)&~32)+16)+z*(24*(t>>13&1)*sin(abs(k/(1+(t>>10&6))|0)**3)+1.5*(14-(2+!Q)*(t>>8&7-4*!Q))*sin(k**3)+C([0,4,12,7])+C([8,12,8,3])+C([5,9,5,0]))+128,0),255)

Description: Sequencemania in more of a song-like style.

That's all for this post. See you soon!
351 !
(68.68KB, 1350x1350)
"Δ" - It has always been surprising to me how soft a triangular waveform sounds compared to a sawtooth waveform. Basically, the triangle is used for bass, but here it sounds in a new quality! Also the song fas funky rave mood, I like.
"data distress" - sounds like a drunk version of Red Green Blue 4 by Decent-Manager-6169, you probably borrowed the arpeggiator from there :)
> Decided to remix Nocturnizf for fun
Oh, and I already thought that somewhere I heard this bytebeat :)
"Penultimate Dawn of Time Stability" - Oh, no way! :D Also reminds me of drug dissonanse songs by HypernovaHeathen. I like the sound after 95 seconds!
"sawsinsqu" - hehe, I recognized the "squsinsaw music" before I even read the description :D
"WICKED HEXATRNION" - Wow, that kick is cool! Clear and deep! And then there are interesting metal strikes. By the way, the expression k---1 looks interesting, at first I didn’t understand what kind of brainfuck it was, but it’s just k-- -1 without a whitespace, hehe. And in the last formulas your code is well optimized, I don't even know where I can minify it. Good job!
"The Unescaper" - Wow, "The Evaluator" goes to a whole new level! I like the echoes, I like the clean transition after 99 seconds, the transition after 239 seconds. The song is quite long, 360 seconds! Also, I hear noise at the beginning due to bytebeat low accuracy at low values. Here the floatbeat version, without artifacts.
353 !
(215.50KB, 579x960)
"polydimension" - slowed down and cursed 90-s theme looks like a mix between vaporwave and witch house, lol. Funky remix! Interestring, here you implemented a kick that goes out of limits and leads to overload, and you had to limit the entire song to within 0..256.
"ESC▲L▲↑OR P▲R↑Y" - the note sequences seem to be generated, cool!
"bŽk" - Another generated melody, this one is nice! Looks like this is a further experiment on ESC▲L▲↑OR P▲R↑Y
"bŽQKV-49" - oh, my ears :D XD
"Dark Deep" - someone is brushing their teeth, hehe.
"Sequencemania" - and you were not too lazy to convert array numbers to charcode values? Mein Respekt! Sounds fine at 32kHz.
"ELE▼▲↑OR P▲R↑Y" - Oh, you've put in a lot of effort here, but seems some parts sounds out of tune for me, I don't get it to be honest..
"Sīkvenssänitī" - Cool track, but this part is in major tune and doesn't fit with the main theme. By the way, this part sounds pretty cool on its own.

Thank you for your songs and your inspiration! You have done so much material that it's time for you to make a separate section in the library, hehe.
You have mastered the magic of bytebeat really well, such complex algorithms and technologies are sometimes incomprehensible even to me!

Message edited: 16.01.23 Mon 16:18:31
367 !

A small thing to address with the songs Feel The Power! and SynthKillerExecution. They aren't my songs at all. I keep a local text document listing all of my completed bytebeats, along with a few other extras. Those two songs don't exist there. If you still want to credit someone for these, then I think Holiday-Charge-1313 should be credited, as I'm not aware of these 2 songs being taken from anywhere. But even then, this is a situation involving an impersonator, so I don't know if you want to.
That problem aside, here are some more bytebeat songs!

Quality value: 1

Name: Pynnyndylt; Date: 13 November 2022; Sample Rate: 44k; Self-defining?: No; Type: Bytebeat

Description: Slight use of microtonal.

Name: Sineslide; Date: 29 November 2022; Sample Rate: 48k; Self-defining?: No; Type: Floatbeat

Description: Sine waves going wild.

Quality value: 2

Name: unintentional lofi; Date: 3 June 2022; Sample Rate: 32k; Self-defining?: No; Type: Bytebeat

Description: Turned the unnecessary array in this song into a lo-fi effect by accident, by having errors of course.

Name: ÐiskΩtroÑ; Date: 21 September 2022; Sample Rate: 9930; Self-defining?: No; Type: Bytebeat

Description: A remix of Rio zack's Discobeat song.

Name: enemy spider; Date: 29 September 2022; Sample Rate: 44k; Self-defining?: No; Type: Bytebeat
T=t/3072,y=-4,M=p=>t*2**(eval('33    33    33  33    33    444 1111  yyyyy 1 8 6 4 3 1 6 4 3 1 0000000000000000'[T+32*((T>>5&3)==2)+32&127])/12-1/4)/p%32>16+8*cos(PI*T/16)&&22,(M(.5)^M(4))/2+M(4)+M(2)+M(1)/2+((t>>5^t>>1)%39>16&&36*(1-T/(2-!(T/2+1&31))%1)*'0010001000100011'[T/2&15])+(32*asin(sin(t/2**('5379'[T/32&3]/12+8)%32*PI)**2)**(T/8%1)&~T%32)+1.5*(T/4&1)*(t/16%16+t/24%16)+((T%8*1e8)**.4&39)+(2e3**(1-T/2%2)&32)

Description: me when enemy spider

Name: 42-qz; Date: 9 October 2022; Sample Rate: 44k; Self-defining?: No; Type: Floatbeat

Description: The 42 melody with interesting effects.

Name: qai; Date: 27 October 2022; Sample Rate: 44k; Self-defining?: No; Type: Bytebeat
t?0:d=Array(x=3e4).fill(0),Q=t/5e3,k=Q/4%1,q=Q|0,c=('7798'[q/16&3]- -1)/8,w=v=>sin(PI*sin(t/2.7/v*c)),s=(w(q%4+(q/4&3)+1)*22+28*asin(w(16/'11022122'[q&7])))+d.shift(),d.push(s/3+d[x/2]/4+d[x/4]/3),k*s+28*sin(20*(1e3*k)**.4-1e3*(1-k)**(8*Q&32))+128

Description: Somewhat reminiscent of The Evaluator. Originally posted here.

Name: wvmv; Date: 12 January 2023; Sample Rate: 48k; Self-defining?: Complex; Type: Floatbeat

Description: Weird square wave-ish mayhem.

Quality value: 3

Name: Reminisce; Date: 31 August 2022; Sample Rate: 32k; Self-defining?: No; Type: Bytebeat

Description: Based off of Something New, and it came out rather well. Originally posted here, where a formatted version also exists.

Name: Strato; Date: 26 September 2022; Sample Rate: 32k; Self-defining?: No; Type: Floatbeat

Description: Why not go to space again?

Name: i-dimensional; Date: 23 November 2022; Sample Rate: 44k; Self-defining?: No; Type: Floatbeat

Description: A somewhat fast paced song with lots of NaN values. Originally posted here.

Name: Awaiting Connection; Date: 19 January 2023; Sample Rate: 44k; Self-defining?: No; Type: Bytebeat

Description: I guess using no arrays is something.

That's all! See you soon!
385 !
(70.73KB, 843x948)
"Sineslide" - Crude sinewave dubstep goes mad! I love that the sound changes all the time, from beats to deep echoes and robotic sounds.
"unintentional lofi" - Interesting, you are filtering the signal creating errors with an incorrect array. I would call it "an error filter".
"ÐiskΩtroÑ" - Nice loop turned out!
"enemy spider" - Wird song, hehe.
"42-qz" - syncopated triple beat sounds cool! If to change 3072 to 2048, then all the magic will be lost, hehe.
"qai" - This c=('7798'[q/16&3]- -1)/8 code caught my attention. No savings compared to c=([8,8,10,9][q/16&3])/8, but looks tricky! But you could just do an increment, and save four characters: c=++'7798'[q/16&3]/8.
"wvmv" - This and "zuonbdoss", "WICKED HEXATRNION", "The Unescaper", "0.req" you marked as Self-defining?: Complex. Can you explain, what means? How are these songs different from the simple ones?
"Reminisce" - Oh, I recognize the bass from the original song. In general, your song is just as kind and nostalgic, nice!
"Strato" - Wow! What beautiful chords! I understand they are from [0,3,7,12],[0,5,9,12],[3,7,12,15],[-3,4,7,9], I'm also interested in harmonies from a pattern. Combined with the echo, they really sounds cosmic!
"i-dimensional" - Here NaN values play the role of a noise glitch tool. Cool!
"Awaiting Connection" - I like this kick. An interesting way to filter hits to make a complex rhythm out of a direct kick. Also using ~0 instead of -1 is a way to make the code more fun, hehe?
388 !
> A small thing to address with the songs Feel The Power! and SynthKillerExecution. They aren't my songs at all. I keep a local text document listing all of my completed bytebeats, along with a few other extras. Those two songs don't exist there. If you still want to credit someone for these, then I think Holiday-Charge-1313 should be credited, as I'm not aware of these 2 songs being taken from anywhere. But even then, this is a situation involving an impersonator, so I don't know if you want to.
Oh, I did not immediately recognize that this person is not you until I read your post. Thanks.
Since the real author is unknown, I marked these songs as songs from Anonymous.
393 !
(57.20KB, 508x810)
For those who want to understand how this kick works:

Here is the explanation on reddit.

It consists of two kicks:


Then was a conversion from binary to decimal:


The second starts after a delay, which is given by ((t>>14)>>7&1)* part which adds a difference of values. Thats it!
446 !
481 !

Fewer songs than usual with this post, but that's fine.

> This and "zuonbdoss", "WICKED HEXATRNION", "The Unescaper", "0.req" you marked as Self-defining?: Complex. Can you explain, what means?
Simple self-defining codes contain variables which use simple addition or subtraction on itself. Something like this would be an example of a simple self-defining code.
Complex self-defining codes contain variables where they're defined in more complex ways (usually bitwise operators), or if there's a recursive function. These are generally more unpredictable than simple self-defining codes.
wvmv is actually supposed to be a simple self-defining code, I somewhat rushed with putting the type on that.
If this is still a bit too complicated, I can change it back to a simple Yes/No like I had in the past, but that's up to you.

Other than that, here are some more songs!

Quality value: 1

Name: t% wub; Date: 5 February 2023; Sample Rate: 16k; Self-defining?: No; Type: Bytebeat

Description: It has occasional wub-like effects.

Quality value: 2

Name: Doomcall; Date: 11 February 2023; Sample Rate: 32k; Self-defining?: Simple; Type: Bytebeat
t||(a=Array,d=[a(24576).fill(0),a(12288).fill(0)],l=[0,0,0,0]),x=t>>17&1,j=t/4096,k=j/4%1,h=(v,p)=>{w=0;for(i=1;i-1<v;i++)w+=(i<=v||v%1)*(i*(t+24*sin(j*PI))*2**(([0,3,7,5,,7,,5,,3+4*x,,12*x-2,8*x,3+4*x][t>>13&15]+p)/12)&256);return w/4/v},(_=>{for(i=0;i<4;i++)l[i]+=((i?l[i-1]:d[0].shift()+d[1].shift())-l[i])/2})(),y=(h(6-(k%.5*2)**.7*6,12)^h(4,19))+l[3],d[0].push(y/4),d[1].push(y/3),k**.5*y+56*sin((k*2e5)**.4)**4+((t>>5^t/(.8+(j*6|0)/6%1)>>1)%39>16&&54*(1-j/(2-!(j/2+1&31))%1)*(50244>>(j/2&15)&1))

Description: A rather decent loop.

Name: Trackertime; Date: 13 February 2023; Sample Rate: 44k; Self-defining?: No; Type: Bytebeat

Description: A remix of the coolest song by Rio zack. I spent a bunch of time trying to find ways to get it under 256 characters... succeeded in the end.

Name: HARSHSLICE; Date: 20 February 2023; Sample Rate: 32k; Self-defining?: No; Type: Bytebeat

Description: An interesting and also semi-chaotic song.

Quality value: 3

Name: Trackermystics; Date: 14 February 2023; Sample Rate: 44k; Self-defining?: No; Type: Bytebeat

Description: Trackertime as a full song.

Name: the throwback; Date: 26 February 2023; Sample Rate: 44k; Self-defining?: Simple; Type: Bytebeat

Description: Doesn't this sound familiar to something?

Also, some other bonuses!

Name: Byte4CC355; Date: Unknown; Sample Rate: 8k; Self-defining?: No; Type: Bytebeat

Description: Some old code that I found in my bookmarks. Decided to keep the code at it's original form. Likely only intended to be listened to for the first 2 minutes, as it gets a bit chaotic after that.

Name: extended Ievan Bytebeat Polkka; Date: 31 November 2022; Sample Rate: 11k; Self-defining?: No; Type: Bytebeat
t*=11839.744/11025,p=2**((x=(t>>13&3)==2)/6),s="1103111211111112110311102222111211110022222211031111022222221103"[t>>11&63],((~t>>3&(t>>11&1?x?5:4.8:4-(t>>12&1))*t/p&(t>>7)+t*6/p&255)>>1)+(t*((s>2?t*(s-2):~(t*s))>>10&1)*2**(("hhmmmmooppmmmmmpookkkkooppmmmmmmhhmmmmooppmmmmmptttrppooppmmmmmottttrrppookk	kkorrrrppooppmmmmppttttrrppookkkkoorrrrppooppmmmmmm".charCodeAt(t>>10&127)-85)/12)&96)

Description: Ievan Bytebeat Polkka with the melody continuing all the way.

That's it for this post. I might want to take a break for a while at some point, but I'm not sure as to when at the moment. See you soon!
483 !
551 !
(178.46KB, 750x1000)
Hello my friend!
Finally I got around to listening to your songs. As always, your code is one of the most technological and advanced among all the authors. I was always surprised by your code solutions.
> Fewer songs than usual with this post
For me, quality is always better than quantity.
> If this is still a bit too complicated, I can change it back to a simple Yes/No
I just needed clarification, thank you.
t% wub - For me it sounds very similar as your idk it's "t%" with 16kHz.
Doomcall - Wow, this sounds like a guitar track! Cool distortion. Btw, you can replace for(i=0;i<4;i++) with i=4;while(i--) and save two bytes more :)
Trackertime - Familiar theme, I also played a lot with "the coolest song" by Rio zack. And well optimized! But after 320-330 seconds the snare starts to distort in your song. Also I thought a little, and found how to get rid of 4 more bytes! Here is 251 bytes version
HARSHSLICE - This is madness, hehe.
Trackermystics - Cool song with instruments progressions! By analogy with the previous method, it was possible to reduce 5 bytes. Also at 124 seconds the song goes up in pitch, which is cool.
the throwback - Beautiful space echoes. This is definitely remixed "Namber tu use square wave" or "Song for sega CD \(≧▽≦)/" by Rio zack. Correct me if this is not the case.
extended Ievan Bytebeat Polkka - Hehe, fun continuation of the theme. I like that you didn't change the sound and just continued what May_I_Change_My_Name started, but with code optimization.
837 !

> This is definitely remixed "Namber tu use square wave" or "Song for sega CD \(≧▽≦)/"
Unfortunately not. It's actually a rough recreation of the starting synth of an old tracker song named Unreal Super Hero 3. Decent guesses, though.

It's been a year since my first post here, and even though I don't really have anything special prepared, here are some more bytebeats that I was able to complete in the meantime!
Most of the codes in this post are remixes of codes made by others.

Quality value: 2

Name: autochxrded; Date: 28 March 2023; Sample Rate: 32k; Self-defining?: Simple; Type: Bytebeat

Description: The code was originally 44k sample rate, but 32k sounds better to me. Remix(?) of SID "Autochord" Effect by May_I_Change_My_Name.

Name: C0D3R4V3; Date: 29 March 2023; Sample Rate: 32k; Self-defining?: Simple; Type: Bytebeat

Description: Got a cool synth out of this thanks to pitch sliding techniques. Remix of please someone remix this by Decent-Manager-6169.

Name: skyrnpqriy; Date: 6 April 2023; Sample Rate: 48k; Self-defining?: Simple; Type: Bytebeat

Description: Simple loop with a heavy kick. Remix of rgrekfjhufheghzufzghufijhdsuhgueirbghfjkjkhags by LilFluffyGoattt.

Quality value: 3

Name: Beyond Saturn's Rings; Date: 12 April 2023; Sample Rate: 48k; Self-defining?: Simple; Type: Floatbeat

Description: After gliding through the vast space, you have reached the proximity of Saturn. Looking up, you see an eclipse unlike any other... Fancy description aside, this is my first code which exceeds 1000 characters in size even with decent minification. Should be rather good performance wise.

That's it for this post. See you soon!
1367 !

Not many songs to offer again, as I'm getting caught up with other things and motivation has been a bit low, but here are some more songs!

Quality value: 1

Name: preciserr; Date: 21 April 2023; Sample Rate: 32k; Self-defining?: No; Type: Bytebeat

Description: A song created with the use of precision errors in floats.

Quality value: 2

Name: name melody; Date: 29 May 2022; Sample Rate: 44k; Self-defining?: No; Type: Bytebeat

Description: Old code I had stored around as a work in progress but never got around to finishing it. Used the concept of using my name as a melody. Here's how the code looked before minification (NB! Uses shift() and push())

Quality value: 3

Name: ventures; Date: 8 May 2023; Sample Rate: 32k; Self-defining?: No; Type: Bytebeat

Description: Reasonably nice sounding for the small code size.

Name: Niarix Visions; Date: 31 May 2023; Sample Rate: 48k; Self-defining?: Simple; Type: Bytebeat

Description: Rather complicated with it containing pitch sliding and an unique method of approaching the melody via accessing the this variable. Originally posted on Reddit.

That's it for this post. I'll look on this community every once in a while, but I might go on a hiatus in terms of posting code. Nevertheless, see you soon!
1481 !
(298.27KB, 800x1000)
autochxrded - Nice chords! Thanks for pointing out the original by May_I_Change_My_Name, I can't following reddit because of the huge amount of flooding and informational garbage from reddit children, and thanks to you I found a good post with interesting technology.
C0D3R4V3 - Heh, you also could not resist remixing the song by Decent-Manager-6169 ;) Useful sliding technique! I need to use it too.
skyrnpqriy - The sound of a synthesizer is similar to an electric guitar. I like the semblance of percussive harmonics that start at 14 seconds.
Beyond Saturn's Rings - This is something incredible. Such beautiful space theme, pleasant harmony! I see delays, echoes, slide effects, vibrato, a lot of cool tech. Long echo tails pick up some background noise, but that sounds good too. And nice description :)
I was very imbued with this song, I listened for a very long time. Such a soothing lullaby. You have a lot of beautiful songs, but this one, in my opinion, is one of the most beautiful.
preciserr - Boosting error, interesting. And you added drums for beauty. By the way, the formula can be reduced by 4 bytes if use floatbeat.
name melody - At first I looked at the extended version, and did not understand why name[StringAsArray] is used. Then I looked at the N[c] in minified version and understood, good! Also, I substituted my name, turned out funny.
ventures - Very pleasant sounds! Nice chords. Also, you can use sin(a(p)*PI) instead of 2*asin(sin(a(p)*PI))/PI, the sound will be same.
Niarix Visions - Cool, 90s rave style, I like long songs with changing sound. I see you applied the min() and max() at the end to limit the sound. Because of the kick, right? Usually I scale each instrument by multiplying by factors so that when layered on other sounds, they do not exceed the limits. However, the song will sound quieter. And your song does not sound quiet, and the kick is juicy! Nice work.

Message edited: 05.07.23 Wed 02:00:39

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