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I've Made A New Bytebeat Song. (The Clipping Is A Coding Error)
(149.25KB, 2000x1808)
Oh, hello, I saw your youtube channel

There you have some videos of your bytebeat songs.
Your songs are really weird, but weird in a good way, which is cool. Seems all your songs are like bad trip hallucinations. On the one hand - microtonal intervals, disharmony and chaos. On the other hand - a certain order, subject to a direct rhythm and mystical chords.
Also, your songs can be very much optimized, looks like you're just doing Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V when experimenting, as there are many sections of repetitive code, but I don’t have time to do the optimizations for the formatted versions in library.
And you didn't name the song, had to name it as "I've Come To Make An Announcement" in the library, hehe. Maybe you can give a name?

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