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Lovebyte Turbo @ Evoke 2022 (live capture with audience),
Hi, I made this as an entry for a 4-entry bytebeat "competition" (without voting) as part of the mentioned mini demo party "Lovebyte Turbo". It's been shown for 30 s to the crowd (check video), but you can run it for longer of course. The main requirement is to make the code not bigger than 256 bytes.

Link to play
(1.28MB, 498x494)
Interesting event! I would love to attend such demoparty.
Your tune reminds me a doom soundtrack a bit, cool.
Also you should fix the amplitude of the drums to get rid of distortion.
(18.45KB, 500x500)
Also, here the 238 bytes version:


Added to the library!

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